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Announcing the Next Three Student Mainstages of 2014

April 16, 2014 admin 0

STUDENT MAINSTAGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Hello all! The new Hideout series of Student Mainstages have been a roaring success. On behalf of the Hideout Theatre, we have some exciting announcements! The first announcement is that we are officially changing the eligibility of Student Mainstage productions! To be able to audition for a […]

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Improv Audition Techniques and Tips

April 4, 2013 admin 4

By Kaci Beeler As an actor I’ve auditioned for countless plays, films, commercials, and improv shows. I’ve also been on the other side of the process and have held and watched auditions for several years now. Being on both sides of the situation has given me some insight that I’d […]

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Layer Upon Layer of Paint: The Hideout Theatre Set Designs

December 7, 2011 admin 1

Kaci here, Your Director of Design at The Hideout Theatre! One of my on-going jobs here at The Hideout is to paint the stage backdrop at the theater every 2 months. Perhaps it would be better to phrase that “re-paint”, because that’s what I do. I paint over the current […]

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Journey Through The 2010 Set Designs

December 27, 2010 admin 2

Set designs at the Hideout Theatre for 2010: Hi Hideout Fans! Kaci here! As the Director of Design for the Hideout Theatre, one of my many responsibilities is to design and paint (or you could say, re-paint) the Hideout’s upstairs theater set every two months. The design is based on […]

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Announcing the Hideout Theatre 2011 Mainstage Season!

November 16, 2010 admin 0

Check out our 2011 Mainstage Season! The Hideout Theatre Mainstage shows are improv shows that run every Saturday at 8pm for two months. They are limited-time-only directed shows that feature strong concepts, high production values, and brand new ensembles especially picked from our talented performer roster for each show. In […]

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The Marathon Madness is About to Begin!

June 3, 2010 admin 0

Starting in just 24 hours the Hideout Theatre’s epic 41 Hour Improv Marathon will start off and won’t slow down until 9am on Sunday morning. We’re completely serious people. This is 41 hours of improv. 41 completely different shows back-to-back. Not only that, but 8 brave improvisers are dedicating to […]

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We Now Have an Intro Video!

February 26, 2010 admin 0

Kaci here! I’m letting you know that starting in March the Hideout Theatre will be playing an informative and badass intro video before every show. I’ve always wanted to make this sort of video (I love setting images to music) and after seeing similar things go well in other venues […]