Code of Conduct

This page will always point to The Hideout Theatre’s most current Code of Conduct.

The first document is required reading for every member of our community (it’s only four pages and it’s vital that everyone sees what’s in it). The Hideout wants to ensure that everyone feels safe, welcome, and accepted in its spaces and at its events, and this document details how our community members at every level are expected to treat each other, and what types of behavior are unacceptable for our community. It is not meant to scare you or because we expect poor behavior from anyone! We have these policies in place because we have created a space where everyone is welcome and free to create without fear of discrimination or harassment, and we want everyone to know that they are protected and if any concerns are brought to us, they will be heard and responded to accordingly.

The second document contains information on reporting violations of the Code of Conduct, investigations of those claims, and our appeals procedures. While we encourage everyone to read this document, we do not require it. Though it is our sincerest hope that you never have to use these procedures, they are in place should you need them, and they are covered in detail in the second document.

Most of the information contained in the Code of Conduct is pretty self-explanatory; nevertheless, it is important that we are all on the same page about these policies, and thus we require all of our community members to acknowledge that they have received, read, and agreed to abide by this document.

The Code of Conduct (version 2-22-2018):

Reporting, Investigations, & Appeals (version 2-22-2018):

If you wish to record that you have read these documents for the purposes of fulfilling class or show cast requirements, please fill out the Hideout Participant Waiver form here: