The Hideout exterior
view from congress avenue

We are an improv theatre.

We are in the business of improvisational theatre, and have been since 1999. We make up all our shows on the spot. We showcase many different kinds of improv: short form (games like you might see on Whose Line is it Anyway?), long form (longer scenes that feature relationship and character work) or narrative (a full-length play made up on the spot).

We host and produce improv shows Thursday through Sunday.

Check our calendar for information about what’s coming up next!

The International Improv Experience, July-August 2014

What is improv?

Improv is live theatre that is totally made up in the moment. The performers don’t know what they’re going to say or do or what characters they’ll be until they step on the stage.

You, the audience, are also part of the show! You’ll help inspire the show with your suggestions, your reactions and your laughter!

A Bedtime Gorey, November-December 2013

Each improv show is completely unique. There will never be another show exactly like it ever again. Improv is different every time.

Improv is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. But like all great things, you’ll have to see it first hand to fully experience and appreciate it.

We teach improv to adults.

Students improvising in one of our many improv classes.

We teach many levels of improv classes, weeknights and weekends, for adults as well as children and teens.

We have Free Sample Classes and new Level One classes for adults starting all time.

Our instructors perform regularly at The Hideout Theatre, in addition to being faculty members. You’ll be learning improv from someone who has years of first hand experience on stage and in the classroom. We’re very picky about our faculty because we know that when you have the right teacher, you’ll love improv as much as we do.

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We bring improv to companies and non-profits.

We offer private workshops and shows for companies and non-profits looking to bring something fresh to their teams. We’ve worked with organizations big and small, including Whole Foods, The University of Texas, National Instruments, and many more.

Learn more about what The Hideout can do for your workforce! Submit a request for more information and we’ll start the process of bringing improv to your group.

We teach improv to kids.

Aden, one of our Hideout alumni.

We teach classes year-round to children and teens. We have a spring semester and fall semester during the school year (Tuesdays for home schoolers and Saturdays for kids who are in school during the week days) and we have an after school program on Thursdays. Our week-long improv summer camps for ages 5-18 will keep your kids active and engaged during the summer break. And our innovative Building Connections program teaches socialization and play to kids and adults on the autism spectrum.

Learn more about our improv classes for kids and summer camps!

We are in Downtown Austin.

The seats and risers in our ground floor theater.

Our exact address is 617 Congress Avenue and you’ll find us between 6th and 7th Streets on Congress on the East side of the street between The A-Loft Hotel and Wild About Music.

Come check us out to really know what we’re all about. We have shows every single weekend, all year long, and we have something for everyone.