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There are no Story Play (Ages 5-8) sessions currently available.

There are no Fun-damentals of Improv (Ages 8-10) sessions currently available.

There are no Improvisational Principles (Ages 11-13) sessions currently available.

There are no Teen Class (Ages 13-18) sessions currently available.

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The Hideout has improv classes for kids of all ages!

Currently all classes are virtual

The Hideout has improv classes for kids of all ages!

Currently all classes are virtual

Why kids’ improv classes?

Improv is fun and exciting! Kids enjoy this lively creative outlet.  At the same time they will be learning some valuable skills such as:

  • Positivity
  • Communication 
  • Risk management
  • Working together
  • Building confidence
  • Self Expression 

These classes create a fun and supportive environment for kids to learn the basics of creating improv, story telling, and stagecraft. The classes are taught primarily through games, play, and improved stories.


Class Descriptions:

Story Play (Ages 5-8)

Everyone loves story time. In this class we take our favorite stories and act them out! We play games and create “mess up” stories and generally have a great time bringing stories come to life!

Fun-damentals of Improv (Ages 8-10)

Learn how be positive, take risks, and focus on the people you’re working with. We’ll learn about timing, story structure, building character, and more improv games than you can shake a stick at. This class will be a fun and supportive environment for kids to start focusing on what makes improv work.

Improvisational Principles (Ages 11-13)

Jump into some seriously hilarious improv work. Learn how to build exciting stories, create fascinating characters, and present them in the most awe inspiring way. This class is all about jumping in, having fun, playing hard, working together and finding your voice. Always fun, this class will focus on developing improv skills and creating performers.

Teen Class (Ages 14-17)

In this class the topics will be determined by the students and the teachers. In the past we have covered such topics as playing improv games at the top of our ability, creating narratives, delving into deep emotions.  Each member of the class will help determine and shape the class.  Although you will have the opportunity to perform, it is not mandatory. There may be other performance opportunities depending on the wishes of the class.

Improv for Special Needs

The Hideout Theatre is committed to growing special needs programming, with classes being offered to youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders and to at-risk youth in residential settings via our Building Connections program. Parents have reported that their children have gained a wide variety of benefits from taking classes, including expressive language gains, increased confidence, improved social skills, a decrease in negative behaviors, and an increase in self-expression. More information and registration can be found on our Building Connections Homepage.

Pod Classes available in Austin

You put together a pod of up to 10 kids and figure out a back yard and we’ll send a teacher out to teach in person. These classes will be tailored to your needs – we are flexible on ages of kids, dates and times, number of classes, and topics.  Requirements – Social distancing, masks and outdoor classroom.

Tuesday Classes

October 27- December 8

skipping November 24  

Showcase on December 8   

Smiling Hideout Theatre teens!



Preparation for Performance Ages 14-18

Tuesdays – 5:00-6:30
Instructor: Megan Sherrod
Sliding Scale: $130-$160

Saturday Classes

October 31-December 12

skipping Nov 28

Showcase on December 12 

9-11 Years Olds in “Tag Team Monologue”.



Story Play ages 5-8 

Saturdays – 10:00-11:00am
Instructor: Margaret Hunsicker
Sliding Scale: $90-$120

Fun-damentals of Improv Ages 8-10

Saturdays – 11:00-12:00
Instructor: Steph Pinto
Sliding Scale: $90-$120

Improvisational Principles
Ages 11-13 

Saturdays – 11:00-12:30pm
Instructor:  Jessica Arjet
Sliding Scale: $130-$160


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