Journey Through The 2010 Set Designs

Set designs at the Hideout Theatre for 2010:

Hi Hideout Fans! Kaci here! As the Director of Design for the Hideout Theatre, one of my many responsibilities is to design and paint (or you could say, re-paint) the Hideout’s upstairs theater set every two months. The design is based on whatever Mainstage (Saturday at 8pm) show is going on during that two month window. Because our Mainstage shows are so varied throughout the year, there is a surprising amount of variety between the different sets.

Here is a look at all the designs that graced the Hideout Theatre stage in 2010…

Started out with this one, created for the Nov/Dec 2009 Dickens show and carried through February for Austin Secrets.

Then, the Saul Bass-inspired set for Hitchcocked!, March & April.

Moving into May & June with The Andersons 1950s TV set design.

July and August brings a more improvised and painterly Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe? set after the more planned Andersons design. It is based off of the drawn works of T. Henry Baudecliffe – see more about that here.

For Out of Bounds and subsequently, Theatresports, comes a space-inspired design in the form of a barren lunar landscape for September and October.

And then finally, for the holidays, a non-denominational and vibrant snowflake backdrop for November and December’s Hideout Holiday Super Specials, recreations of our favorite and most popular Hideout main stage shows as Holiday specials.

2011 is also going to bring 6 brand new set paintings for the Hideout Theatre (perhaps 7, really, if Out of Bounds is included). We announced our main stage season earlier this November here:, which gives an insight into the inspiration for each set (because the sets are made for the main stage shows).

I’m excited to see how varied I can get!

Coming up next is a brand new set for the premier of the second season of Austin Secrets.

Oh, and hey, tell me, what was your favorite set design of 2010? I’d love to know!


Kaci Beeler, Director of Design

[Wow, it’s clearly been a busy year for The Hideout. Come ring in the New Year with us to celebrate all that we’ve done in 2010 and all we hope to do in 2011. Info here. -Roy, Artistic Director]


  1. So tough to choose! But I think it’s got to be the Baudecliffe set. So unique and colorful. It really made the performers stand out, no matter what they were wearing.

  2. tough call (especially since i didn’t get to see the Baudecliffe set in person)…but i think the Hitchcocked design rocked my world just a little bit more than the others. 😉

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