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Journey Through The 2010 Set Designs

December 27, 2010 kaci 2

Set designs at the Hideout Theatre for 2010: Hi Hideout Fans! Kaci here! As the Director of Design for the Hideout Theatre, one of my many responsibilities is to design and paint (or you could say, re-paint) the Hideout’s upstairs theater set every two months. The design is based on […]

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Christmas with The Andersons

December 18, 2010 Roy Janik 0

Somewhere, etched on the surface of a holiday shortbread cookie so dense in could withstand the eminent nuclear holocaust facing late 1950’s America, is the face of a Jerry Mathers as he smushes his face into an inquisitive look that reminds us all that life is complicated, but your approach […]

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Why the Theater Machine Flies

December 13, 2010 Roy Janik 1

Apparently it’s the time of the year for awesome videos about The Hideout. We certainly aren’t complaining. In this video, Jessica Arjet, our always smiling co-owner and youth program director, tells us all about why she loves teaching kids and performing in kids shows. This is a behind-the-scenes look at The […]

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Our HUGE Chair

December 12, 2010 Roy Janik 2

We’re super proud to have donated some money towards the opening of the HUGE Improv Theater, a new home for long-form improv in Minneapolis. The HUGE Improv Theater is an artist-led company dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities improv community through performance and education. We just got sent a picture […]

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Baudecliffe Takes a Holiday

December 6, 2010 Roy Janik 0

Earlier this year, the Hideout Theatre was delighted to present Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe?, an improvised exploration of the fractured world of outsider artist and phenomenon T. Henry Baudecliffe. Now, we are bringing it back for a one-time holiday event. The works of T. Heny Baudecliffe, in their dark and twisted way, […]

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One Student’s Experience

December 2, 2010 andy 0

University of Texas RTF student Kayla Lane Freeman put this short video together about Hideout student Ariel Dang-Tran and her experience with classes at the Hideout. “A typical day at improv, we’ll come in and do some warm-up exercises — make random noise and start getting comfortable again with everybody […]