Coming in July and August

COMING SOON – Who is T. Henry Baudecliffe?

Who is T. Henry Baudecliffe? explores the fantastic, fractured world of this troubled and prolific artist, who passed away at St. Mark’s Community Home of North Austin last year and left behind thousands of pages of manuscript and illustrations for children’s books. His stories are tall tales of youngsters who triumph over corruption and evil through simplicity, moxie, and virtue, uniquely filtered through the seclusive Baudecliffe’s surreal, comic, and often unsettling outlook. A group of improv artists who have encountered and become engulfed in Baudecliffe’s work are staging further explorations of his tales in a dynamic multi-dimensional performance peppered with details from his life and creations.

How much can we know of other people’s minds? What happens when stories with children are shot through with stranger, darker thoughts? Who is T. Henry Baudecliffe?

Find out for yourself every Saturday night in July and August at 8pm at the Hideout Theatre.

Photo by Jon Graham
T. Henry Circa 1995 Photo by Jon Graham