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June, 2010

Who is T. Henry Baudecliffe?

Hey everyone. This is Curtis Luciani, co-director (with Kaci Beeler) of the Hideout’s upcoming show Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe? A lot of folks have been asking what exactly this show is — a fair question, which I will now try to answer.

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On Improv and What it Has Been to Me from Childhood-Present.

One of our Level Four students, Halyn, gave us permission to re-post this lovely blog entry.
You can find the original tumblr post here

So some of you may know that ive been taking improv for almost a year now, and if you dont, well i am. i love improv, and i always have since 7th grade when my dad took me to my first show at the hideout. my parents knew that i was sort of meant for improv, because every day i would just bust out into like fifty different characters, and i had these two friends in cheer, bethany and jenny, who would be crazy with me. but they were in high school, so i only ever saw them at cheer things. other than that, i would put on stupid shows for my dad. sometimes we would do voice-overs for spanish television or the 3 stooges when my dad got home from work late at night. he would also read books with me, and i would do all the voices, or vis-versa. my mom used to tell me to be something, like a lamb, and then would tell me things that i saw or wanted and i just acted out exactly what she said. i freaking loved that game, and would beg her to play it all the time. before i discovered improv i always felt a little out of place, no matter where i was. i was always this quirky awkward kid, and i couldnt help but stand out. a lot of my time as a kid i felt really alone. i just wanted to dive into these silly characters and be someone else, which is so cheesy but so true. i could escape where everything went exactly as i wanted it to.

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Summer Camp!


The Flying Theater Machine’s first summer camp is going extremely well.  It is exciting to see the kids playing and learning on stage.  Kristin Henn is their teacher and she is amazing with the kids.  They like the basic improv games, but they also really enjoy the organic morphing.  My favorite created sentence so far: “I said Opera!”  They’ve taken this up as a cheer.

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Coming in July and August

COMING SOON – Who is T. Henry Baudecliffe?

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The Marathon Madness is About to Begin!

Starting in just 24 hours the Hideout Theatre’s epic 41 Hour Improv Marathon will start off and won’t slow down until 9am on Sunday morning. We’re completely serious people. This is 41 hours of improv. 41 completely different shows back-to-back. Not only that, but 8 brave improvisers are dedicating to perform for the ENTIRE 41 HOURS!

Meet your 8 Marathon Improvisers for 2010:

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The Complete 2010 41 Hour Marathon Schedule

So the Marathon starts Friday, June 4th at 4PM and wraps up Sunday morning at 9am. There will be 8 core players performing the ENTIRE TIME, but every hour will be a different show with different guests. Here is the complete list. Look it over, and then reserve your tickets here.

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