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Rob Yoho: The Newest Member of the Hideout Team

We’re so very excited to welcome Rob Yoho as Operations Manager and Corporate Sales Support! Rob is already an active member of the Hideout community and we’re looking forward to his contributions in the day to day operations of the theater!

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Improvised Play Festival Spotlight: Instant Theatre

Wherein we spotlight a show playing in the 2016 Improvised Play Festival, happening Thursday April 14 – Saturday April 16! Get your tickets here!

Instant Theatre comes to The Improvised Play Festival from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their format is simple: they ask the audience what they know about Canada, what the people are like, what the sites are. Then they improvise a rich, character based one-act play based on those suggestions.

We talked with the members of Instant Theatre (Janet Davidson, Shane McLean, Kerri Donaldson, Dan Willows, Chelsey Stuyt, Newman Scott Hunter) and they gave us the dirt on their show and life as a Canadian.

 1. Can you give us a “Mom, it’s improv. We’re making it up. Yes. We don’t know what’s going to happen” summary of your show?

We know Canada, you know Canada, this is your Canada, eh?

2.  What are you most looking forward to about your show?

We’re excited to connect and find real moments on stage, to ratchet up the tension, and enjoy the fireworks as it all explodes. Also, “When it’s over, I won’t have to wear pants.” – Dan Willows.

3. We’ve heard tale that Canadians are relentlessly polite. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever apologized for?

“Yesterday a madman came into the Hideout and knocked all the cafe things off the counter. I apologized and offered to buy the bartender a drink” – Shane McLean.

“Once, I saw two men bump into one another on the street. I apologized to both of them.” Dan Willows.

“I stepped on a slightly uneven floor and thought it was Dan’s foot. I apologized and he asked what for? So I guess I apologized to the floor.”  - Kerri Donaldson.

“My brother and I got into an argument because we didn’t believe the other was sincere in their apologies. Eventually we apologized for not apologizing correctly. Then we apologized for the argument about apologies. Finally we apologized for taking up the time to apologize over the apology argument. Full apology-ception.” – Chelsey Stuyt.

“I apologized for accidentally swallowing a piece of gum instead of chewing it. It was my friend’s last piece and I felt bad that I didn’t enjoy it more. I offered to buy him more gum so we could try again.” – Newman Scott Hunter

Instant Theatre performs tonight at the Improvised Play Festival at 8:30pm. Get your tickets here!

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