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The Untitled Blog Post from a Cast Member With a Really Long Title

Photo of Cristy Salinas, cast member of The Untitled Avant-Garde Theater Project With a Really Long Title

We asked cast member and Hideout Theater graduate, Cristy Salinas, to talk about her experience with the upcoming student mainstage show:

There’s buzz. Murmurs. Excitement. All surrounding the Hideout Theatre’s last student mainstage of 2016: The Untitled Avant-garde Theater Project With a Really Long Title.

There’s a story, and then there’s not.

There’s not necessarily main character, but there could be.

There’s self-expression until there is collective expression.

It’s all of the things and none of them at the same time.

It’s avant-garde.

It’s been an honor working alongside a diverse group of improvisors –– diverse in that we all have different life experiences and backgrounds and varying degrees of improv and theater training. This mish-mash has resulted in an ensemble cast that trusts one another, takes risks together, and isn’t afraid to throw the traditional rules of improv out the window (while still keeping some of the rules in our back pockets).

Personally, putting this show together has felt a lot like a democracy. Director Jon Bolden has empowered us to express our opinions and share ideas on how to build this show. Of course, the running theme in rehearsals has been “Why not? It’s avant-garde!” But that has also opened up a whole new world of ideas. I’ve never been in a show where I also had control of the light board to set a mood or reflect a mood that has already been set on stage, or had access to props that could be construed as something other than they really are. A piece of fabric in my hands can be the wind, it can be a representation of feelings of loneliness, or it can simply be a blanket to keep me warm. There’s no right or wrong in this show. The only “wrong” thing we can do is be too afraid to act on an inclination or idea. We’re free to “follow our feet” as we wish.

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Hideout Shows Recognized by the B. Iden Payne Awards Council!

We’re so honored that three of our shows have been recognized by the B. Iden Payne Awards Council!

Our November/December 2015 Mainstage show, “Boy, Howdy!” was nominated for “Outstanding Improv Production”, “Outstanding Improv Cast” and “Outstanding Improv Director (Kaci Beeler)”.

Our May/June 2016 Mainstage show “Fiasco” was nominated for “Outstanding Improv Production” and “Outstanding Improv Director (Peter Rogers)”.

Our September/October 2015 Kids’ show “Super Buddies” was nominated for “Outstanding Improv Production”!

We’re so proud and honored! Our friends at The Institution Theater, ColdTowne Theater and The New Movement were also nominated for many awards. We’re so honored to be honored with them!

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