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True Love’s Kiss: Sunaina Suhag’s Most Dreamy Disney Dudes

by Sunaina Suhag, Happily Ever After cast member

True love’s kiss brings people back to life, overcomes evil, and is the most powerful magic on Earth! It’s no wonder, then, that the heroines of Disney might enjoy a little romance. Here’s a look at the Disney princes who inspire us in the Hideout Theatre’s improvised musical Happily Ever After, showing Saturdays at 8 pm!




5. Flynn Rider

Oh, Eugene Fitzherbert, you never fail to amuse me. He’s a cocky, but dashing, thief who ultimately wins over Rapunzel’s heart. However, before he was ‘Flynn Rider,’ he was actually ‘Hot Man.’ The directors of Tangled gathered roughly thirty female employees to discuss their favorite male celebrities and most attractive male physical attributes, ultimately collecting hundreds of pictures of men to design Flynn Rider. So, let’s be real, he’s got a lot to be arrogant about. Luckily Rapunzel takes none of his hot air and their love blossoms from mutual honesty and respect.

4. Prince Eric

I want to marry Prince Eric. He’s a skilled mariner who doesn’t let his princely lifestyle keep him from doing real work, he’s got an ADORABLE dog, Max, and he falls in love with Ariel when she saves him. How’s that for a real man? Prince Eric is not the kind of guy who just falls in love with a pretty girl, after all it’s revealed in the film that he’s already turned down one princess because she just wasn’t the one. Plus, the man plays the flute. I’m all about a prince with hobbies.

3. Li Shang

Shang was quick to judge Mulan when he found out she was a woman, but was also quick to apologize when she proved how capable she was. He’s a quiet, too-logical leader who really benefitted from Mulan’s emotional intelligence. They take their relationship at a slow and reasonable pace: There’s no kiss at the end of the movie, just a really romantically charged family dinner. Also, he’s mad dreamy, am I right? Man buns are IN, y’all.

2. Simba

Simba! SIMBA! The Lion King! Who could not love the good natured, courageous prince who took his inspiration from the level-headed and intelligent Nala? She didn’t shy away from knocking some sense into him when he was in his hippie-dippie ‘Hakuna Matata’ phase — and he listened. Then they saved the pride lands! Hooray! Simba’s the kind of prince who you’d let take you hiking, even if you don’t really like hiking, because you like how much he likes it. Then he’d probably let you take him to your favorite brunch place because he’s all about treating you like an equal.

1. Aladdin

*Sigh* Aladdin. I can honestly say he was my first love. After being orphaned at the age of 2, Aladdin wasn’t able to get an education and thus had to turn to thieving, though he would have preferred otherwise. He’s fun-loving, optimistic and selfless when life has handed him some pretty terrible cards. He uses his last wish to set Genie free, even though it means he can’t marry Princess Jasmine because he isn’t a prince himself. His selflessness and integrity prove his worthiness and the Sultan ultimately changes the law so they can marry. Plus he rocks that vest in a modest “I know I have abs, but I’m not trying to show off it’s just really hot in Agrabah” kind of way. I’m into it.

Who’s YOUR favorite Disney prince? Do you love the hilarious street-rat or the dreamy mariner? Come see Happily Ever After, Saturdays at 8 pm and root for true love’s kiss! Whoever the new prince may be, he’ll be worth falling for.

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Studying the Beasts: Erin Molson’s Top 5 Animal Sidekicks

by Erin Molson, Happily Ever After cast member

We all get by with a little help from our friends. And the princes and princesses of Disney are no different! Their animal companions help them land the guy, get to where they need to be, or just provide companionship when they need it most. In honor of the Hideout’s newest show, Happily Ever After, showing Saturdays at 8pm, I would like to take a moment to celebrate the top five animal sidekicks in Disney films.



5.   Flounder

Man, this fish is loyal! Ariel drags him to shark-infested waters and makes an agreement with a sea witch to get her human and the entire time Flounder is right by her side.  However, he never wavers in his support of his buddy as she woos her man. He even sticks up for Ariel to her imposing father! Of course he kinda slips and calls her out, but his heart is in the right place.  What Flounder lacks in eloquence, he makes up for in loyalty.

4. Abu

This monkey is so adorable in his little vest that he would also make the top five list of Best Dressed Monkeys. Abu is so sassy and resourceful and always sticks by his buddy. Aladdin even calls him out in his song “You’re my only friend, Abu.” Living the life of a street rat ain’t easy, but it sure is easier with a monkey who performs acrobatic flips and steals swords to help you escape guards that want to cut your hand off.

3. Timon and Pumbaa

Now this is a twofer because these two are inseparable. Timon and Pumbaa befriended Simba when he needed it most. They even taught him a new motto to help live his life by. And eventually, when Simba had to confront his past, they even helped him despite their hippie, vegetarian, and flatulent ways.

 2. Pascal 

A lizard of no words, this little guy is the best friend a girl in a tower could ask for. He endures countless indignities to help her friend overcome her boredom – he models a dress, he is her ventriloquist dummy, he gets knitted inside a bunch of yarn, but still his love for his friend shines through. Most importantly, HE STRAIGHT UP TRIPS MOTHER GOTHEL AND SENDS HER TO HER DEATH. It’s always the quiet ones.

 1. Ray

The Princess and the Frog is my favorite Disney movie. I love the music and the fact that the main female character’s dream is not to fall in love and marry but to own her own restaurant. But the character I fell in love with is Ray, the Cajun lightning bug who is in love with the North Star.  While he isn’t with Tianna on her entire adventure, he guides them down the Bayou and eventually (SPOILER ALERT) sacrifices his tiny body to protect his friends.  Also, he has the greatest line ever found in any movie (sorry Casablanca); “Don’t make me light my butt!” How could you not love Ray?

Who is your favorite Disney animal sidekick? Would you like to meet a completely new furry friend? Come see Happily Ever After, Saturday nights at 8pm and you never know who will pop out to help the protagonist achieve their dreams!

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