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The First Night Off of Caeriel Island

By Caeriel Crestin
photo by Warren Henderson

Saturday was our opening night of The International Improv Experience.

I was floored.

This show is a collaboration with improvisers from all over the world. These generous and excellent people put in time, energy, humor and creativity to film video challenges for us to interpret and perform on stage in front of a live audience.

We’d never done the show before opening night. We’d done run-throughs and such, sure, but always with some bullshit we made up to stand in for the actual videos, where we’d just stand on stage and pretend to be a video from such-and-such place we’d possibly visited once (or frequently in my case, “Caeriel Island” a possibly imaginary place I know rather well.) We were flying blind because having never seen an actual video sent from foreign improvisers, we could only imagine the kinds of things they’d send us, and of course our imaginations fell short of the wonderful reality.

Other people are great. Read More »

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The 45 Hour Improv Marathon Couples Podcast

The 45 Hour Improv Marathon is about to happen. June 20th-22nd, in fact!

This year two couples are in the Marathon: Newlyweds Ruby & Troy, and Rachel & Dave.

The recently met up at The Dog and Duck Pub to discuss relationship tips, and their hopes & fears with regards to the Marathon.

It’s short and sweet. Give it a listen.

The 45 Hour Improv Marathon runs from 5pm, Friday June 20th – 2pm, Sunday, June 22nd. The schedule, tickets and passes are here.

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