The Complete 2010 41 Hour Marathon Schedule

So the Marathon starts Friday, June 4th at 4PM and wraps up Sunday morning at 9am. There will be 8 core players performing the ENTIRE TIME, but every hour will be a different show with different guests. Here is the complete list. Look it over, and then reserve your tickets here.

Hour Day        Time    Group/Show                          Format
1   Friday      4PM     Inaugural Show                      Flowy Donut (whatever we want)
2   Friday      5PM     Maestro 1.1                         Elimination Style Improv
3   Friday      6PM     Maestro 1.2                         Elimination Style Improv
4   Friday      7PM     Junk                                Live... and Let Die!
5   Friday      8PM     Electric Bill                       Bill Stern makes up songs
6   Friday      9PM     Confidence Men                      Improvised Mamet
7   Friday      10PM    PGraph                              Nightmare Video Project
8   Friday      11PM    Girls Girls Girls                   Improvised Musical
9   Saturday    12AM    Dubbed Indemnity                    Live Film Dubbing
10  Saturday    1AM     Sarah 7                             True Stories Inspire Scenes
11  Saturday    2AM     Love Notes                          Carmen San Diego
12  Saturday    3AM     Snackers                            Late Night Staff Meeting
13  Saturday    4AM     Buddies!                            Improvised Buddy SitCom
14  Saturday    5AM     Anticdotes                          Freeze Tag Montage Craziness
15  Saturday    6AM     Firth & Arjet                       Always a Bridesmaid
16  Saturday    7AM     Rise & Shine                        Morning Talk Show
17  Saturday    8AM     Pretty Jack Jaybird                 Music & Movement Montage
18  Saturday    9AM     Editor and Chief                    Improvised Dungeons & Dragons
19  Saturday    10AM    Dancy Street D'orchestra            Improvised Musical
20  Saturday    11AM    ComedySportz                        ComedySportz
21  Saturday    12PM    Student Show 1                      Scenes and Games
22  Saturday    1PM     Your Dad's Friends                  Cliff's Notes
23  Saturday    2PM     Flying Theater Machine              Improv for Kids!
24  Saturday    3PM     Student Show 2                      Scenes and Games
25  Saturday    4PM     Improv for Evil
26  Saturday    5PM     Dusk                                Improvised Tween Erotica
27  Saturday    6PM     Austin Secrets                      PostSecret-Inspired Improv
28  Saturday    7PM     Knuckleball Now                     Fast-Paced Loose Comedy
29  Saturday    8PM     The Andersons                       1950s SitCom
30  Saturday    9PM     1001 Monologues for Teens           Ridiculous 'acting' monologues
31  Saturday    10PM    Maestro 2.1                         Elimination Style Improv
32  Saturday    11PM    Maestro 2.2                         Elimination Style Improv
33  Sunday      12AM    Puppet Improv Project               Puppet Improv!
34  Sunday      1AM     Your Terrific Neighbors             Parlour Games
35  Sunday      2AM     Look Cookie                         Sleepover
36  Sunday      3AM     ColdTowne                           The Bat: Improv in the Dark
37  Sunday      4AM     Midnight Society                    Late Night Talk Show
38  Sunday      5AM     Starter Kit                         Time Travel Adventure
39  Sunday      6AM     Holy Sleep Deprivation, Batman!     Improvised 1960s Batman Show
40  Sunday      7AM     The Frank Mills                     Smart Comedy
41  Sunday      8AM     Final Show                          Craziness (whatever we want)

Reserve your tickets here.

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