Summer Camp!


The Flying Theater Machine’s first summer camp is going extremely well.  It is exciting to see the kids playing and learning on stage.  Kristin Henn is their teacher and she is amazing with the kids.  They like the basic improv games, but they also really enjoy the organic morphing.  My favorite created sentence so far: “I said Opera!”  They’ve taken this up as a cheer.

But we don’t just do stage work; the kids are really enjoying their craft time with Catherine. So far they’ve made journals, paper bag puppets and origami frogs and boats. Craft time is a nice break from stage work; it has become a hang-out and socialize time as well.  It is great to see just how supportive the kids are of each other.


Every day we take a walk, eat lunch and get some outside time.  The kids really loved the Capital – we went back twice!  They also enjoyed the exhibits at the AMOA. Today we walked to a fountain and threw in a penny.  The kids wish: “That we can all take Impov camp together again next year.”  We really take advantage of being so close to so much culture and excitement.

At the Capital

I work with them on getting their showcase together at the end of the day, and it is great to see all of their creativity during the day come into focus when they work on scenes. It really is true that a creative life can make your improv much richer.

Watch out! There is an improvisor behind you!

We have one more camp from June 28- July 2. We have half day camps for 5-8 year olds and 14-18 year olds, and full day camp for 9-13 year olds. Check out our camp page to register.