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December, 2010

Journey Through The 2010 Set Designs

Set designs at the Hideout Theatre for 2010:

Hi Hideout Fans! Kaci here! As the Director of Design for the Hideout Theatre, one of my many responsibilities is to design and paint (or you could say, re-paint) the Hideout’s upstairs theater set every two months. The design is based on whatever Mainstage (Saturday at 8pm) show is going on during that two month window. Because our Mainstage shows are so varied throughout the year, there is a surprising amount of variety between the different sets.

Here is a look at all the designs that graced the Hideout Theatre stage in 2010…

Started out with this one, created for the Nov/Dec 2009 Dickens show and carried through February for Austin Secrets.

Then, the Saul Bass-inspired set for Hitchcocked!, March & April.

Moving into May & June with The Andersons 1950s TV set design.

July and August brings a more improvised and painterly Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe? set after the more planned Andersons design. It is based off of the drawn works of T. Henry Baudecliffe – see more about that here.

For Out of Bounds and subsequently, Theatresports, comes a space-inspired design in the form of a barren lunar landscape for September and October.

And then finally, for the holidays, a non-denominational and vibrant snowflake backdrop for November and December’s Hideout Holiday Super Specials, recreations of our favorite and most popular Hideout main stage shows as Holiday specials.

2011 is also going to bring 6 brand new set paintings for the Hideout Theatre (perhaps 7, really, if Out of Bounds is included). We announced our main stage season earlier this November here: http://www.hideouttheatre.com/2011season, which gives an insight into the inspiration for each set (because the sets are made for the main stage shows).

I’m excited to see how varied I can get!

Coming up next is a brand new set for the premier of the second season of Austin Secrets.

Oh, and hey, tell me, what was your favorite set design of 2010? I’d love to know!


Kaci Beeler, Director of Design

[Wow, it’s clearly been a busy year for The Hideout. Come ring in the New Year with us to celebrate all that we’ve done in 2010 and all we hope to do in 2011. Info here. -Roy, Artistic Director]

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Christmas with The Andersons

Somewhere, etched on the surface of a holiday shortbread cookie so dense in could withstand the eminent nuclear holocaust facing late 1950’s America, is the face of a Jerry Mathers as he smushes his face into an inquisitive look that reminds us all that life is complicated, but your approach to living it can be simple.

Leave it to Beaver was a morality tale for the Everychild. How do you deal with a bully? Where do people go when they die? Why does that stupid red headed girl follow you around all day askin’ silly questions? And The Andersons, an improvised 1950’s sitcom seeks to answer those questions.

After its successful run at The Hideout and special encore shows at The Highball, The Andersons return to the Hideout for their Christmas special. Join Jon and Beverly Anderson as they prepare their Yule logs with their two beautiful, well- behaved children and their youngest daughter Rocket.

Their neighbors The Millers will bring their quirky twist to the holiday, and perhaps there will be a visit from the big man with presents, Mr. Cooper.

Book your tickets online for your last chance to see The Andersons.

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Why the Theater Machine Flies

Apparently it’s the time of the year for awesome videos about The Hideout. We certainly aren’t complaining.

In this video, Jessica Arjet, our always smiling co-owner and youth program director, tells us all about why she loves teaching kids and performing in kids shows. This is a behind-the-scenes look at The Flying Theater Machine, one of the few regularly scheduled improv shows for kids IN THE COUNTRY.

The Flying Theater Machine isn’t just another show for us, it’s a stake in the ground. Improv can be just as vital and rewarding for kids as it can be for adults. What an honor it is to play a part in a child’s first experience performing on the stage.

As we grow older, we’re taught to bottle up the magic inside of us that makes us unique. Improv helps uncork that bottle for a little bit.

Here’s the video:

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Our HUGE Chair

We’re super proud to have donated some money towards the opening of the HUGE Improv Theater, a new home for long-form improv in Minneapolis. The HUGE Improv Theater is an artist-led company dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities improv community through performance and education.

We just got sent a picture of one of their brand new chairs with our name on it:

We have met the founders in various places… Jill Bernard comes to Austin frequently to perform and teach, and we met the others at the Twin Cities Improv Festival in Minneapolis. They’re great people with a burning passion for the craft of improv.

If you know anyone in the area or you plan on visiting, please stop by The Huge Theater. They’re launching with an ambitious schedule of 7 shows a week, and they’re ramping up their classes as well.

Spread the love!


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Baudecliffe Takes a Holiday

Earlier this year, the Hideout Theatre was delighted to present Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe?, an improvised exploration of the fractured world of outsider artist and phenomenon T. Henry Baudecliffe. Now, we are bringing it back for a one-time holiday event.

The works of T. Heny Baudecliffe, in their dark and twisted way, touch on a number of typically American themes: family, frontier, and homespun innocence versus urbane corruption. And, as Baudecliffe himself recognized, there’s no better setting for those themes than the holiday season.

Santa Claus — or various Santa-like figures, often with animal limbs or other unexpected appurtenances — appears in Baudecliffe’s drawings as regularly as figures like Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, and Tarzan. Clearly Baudecliffe never stopped believing, but he also never stopped inventing, placing Santa in contexts that Hallmark cardmakers would never dream of or approve, whether spiriting polio-stricken children to the Island of Good Health in his elf-powered cloud train or knocking out the Emperor Hirohito with a single red-gloved punch.

We invite you to join us for what promises to be oddest piece of holiday entertainment since Santa Claus conquered the Martians.

-Curtis Luciani and Kaci Beeler

Purchase your tickets for this one time-show here.

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One Student’s Experience

University of Texas RTF student Kayla Lane Freeman put this short video together about Hideout student Ariel Dang-Tran and her experience with classes at the Hideout.

A typical day at improv, we’ll come in and do some warm-up exercises — make random noise and start getting comfortable again with everybody else and the notion of doing whatever you want.  And then we’ll come back and really start to work on shaping scenes around these principals.

The thing I really love most about improv is just how spontaneous and open I feel during and after class — it’s just like I broke down those barriers that told me this is not normal, this is not right.

Improv has taught me so much, not only about improv, but a lot about myself and what I’m capable of and, uh, my embarrassment limits, for sure.

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