One Student’s Experience

University of Texas RTF student Kayla Lane Freeman put this short video together about Hideout student Ariel Dang-Tran and her experience with classes at the Hideout.

A typical day at improv, we’ll come in and do some warm-up exercises — make random noise and start getting comfortable again with everybody else and the notion of doing whatever you want.  And then we’ll come back and really start to work on shaping scenes around these principals.

The thing I really love most about improv is just how spontaneous and open I feel during and after class — it’s just like I broke down those barriers that told me this is not normal, this is not right.

Improv has taught me so much, not only about improv, but a lot about myself and what I’m capable of and, uh, my embarrassment limits, for sure.

I can open up myself to them and really make a connection with these other people who I never knew before, but hey, we’re best friends now.

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