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November, 2010

Austin Holiday Secrets Saturday, 11/27/2010

Austin Secrets debuted this past January and February. And we’re relaunching in 2011, which is just around the corner.

So why are we doing a one-off show this Saturday? I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, we love it and we will do it as much as the schedule and time allows.

The show, for those of you who don’t know, takes people’s secrets (in the form of postcards like those seen on PostSecret.com), and uses them as inspiration for improvised scenes. Sometimes the secrets are hilarious and sometimes the secrets are heartbreaking. So too, then, is the improv that comes out of them.

More than any other show I’ve done, Austin Secrets enables us to explore the full range of human experience.

The second reason that we’re going to do this one off show this weekend is the “Holiday Special” angle. We’re going to focus exclusively on Holiday themed secrets, and that’s super exciting to me.

The holidays are joyful to some and depressing to others. But to almost everyone, they’re a time when lasting, powerful memories are made, traditions are fostered, and we see the people closest to us.

In short, it’s a great time for sharing secrets and listening to whatever else lies closest to our hearts.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the cast of this show and a life that let’s us perform it.

Come explore the holidays with us this Saturday at 8.

-Roy Janik
Artistic Director

Get your tickets here.

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Get Your Hideout Theatre 2011 Season Pass Now

Last week, The Hideout Theatre announced its 2011 Mainstage schedule. The Saturday night Mainstage shows have become The Hideout’s signature shows, exploring new genres and formats and pushing the limits of improvisation.

These shows are going to sell-out, so we’re giving the die-hard Hideout fans a chance to get their tickets early. Between now and the end of the year, we’re offering a discounted season pass: One ticket to each of The Hideout’s 2011 Mainstage shows for just $45.

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Austin Secrets Auditions, Tuesday Nov. 23rd from 7-10pm

Improvisers take note!

The Hideout will be hosting auditions for the upcoming January/February run of Austin Secrets. Here are the details:

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd, 7-10pm
Hideout Theatre

If you know for sure that you’re coming, please RSVP to roy@hideouttheatre.com. Walk-ins are certainly fine, but we want to get a feel for what sort of volume to expect.

Austin Secrets debuted last year, and it was the most popular show in The Hideout’s history. It’s a deliberate mix of funny and dramatic, wrapped up in an exploration of the stories of everyday lives.

Here’s the description from the event page, if you’d like more information:

This show is about you.
Your stories. Your fears. Your triumphs. Your failures.
Your secrets.

There is a movement afoot… a movement that celebrates the power of everyday lives, and which proclaims that the memories we hold within our hearts are the most powerful stories we can tell.

You can see it alive in projects like PostSecret, Mortified, Found Magazine, Storycorps, and This American Life, all of which take our lives and reflect them back to us respectfully, humorously, and sincerely.

That is where Austin Secrets takes its motivation. In every show we’ll use improvisation to explore secrets anonymously submitted by you and other Austinites. Serious secrets will be treated with proper respect, and more lighthearted secrets will be a chance to cut loose, so expect a mix of drama, comedy, and everything in between.

Again, it’s next Tuesday from 7-10pm. I don’t know that we’ll use that entire time slot, but I wanted to leave the window of opportunity open in case some people needed to arrive late.

The audition will be as low-pressure as we can make it. It’ll be run like a rehearsal, with warmups and scenes, and some exercises to help match the tone of the show and get used to playing with each other.

As for how many people will be cast from auditions, we foresee casting around 3 people from the audition, give or take a few in either direction depending on how it goes.

Let us know you’re coming at roy@hideouttheatre.com.

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Announcing the Hideout Theatre 2011 Mainstage Season!

Check out our 2011 Mainstage Season!

The Hideout Theatre Mainstage shows are improv shows that run every Saturday at 8pm for two months. They are limited-time-only directed shows that feature strong concepts, high production values, and brand new ensembles especially picked from our talented performer roster for each show. In short, just like a theatrical play, only improvised. Trust us, this makes for incredibly exciting theatre, and no two shows are ever the same.

Our past shows have been nominated for B. Iden Payne Awards (Austin Secrets, 2009) and favorably reviewed numerous times by the Austin Chronicle and Austin American Statesman (Charles Dickens Unleashed, Start Trekkin, Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe?, Ka-Baam! and more). Every single one of our shows this season are exceedingly different from the last, and we’re sure you’re going to love them.

The Mainstage Show is in addition to our regular shows and troupes playing at The Hideout Theatre every single week. If you haven’t seen one yet, you’re in for a real treat, and if you have, we think you’ll really enjoy our 2011 line-up. Stay tuned throughout the year for more info on each show as it premiers!


Roy Janik, Artistic Director

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