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Hideout Gift Guide

November 22, 2016 kbadr 0

Shopping is too stressful.  Lines, crowds, screaming children…Why not forgo the mall madness and give your friends and family the gift of improv, purchasable through the convenience of your home computer! There are several options available for sharing our award-winning shows and classes.  We’ve got gift certificates for our coffee […]

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Zen and the Art of Improvising Kurosawa

April 2, 2014 kbadr 0

When preparing to direct Kenjutsu: The Art of the Sword, the first thing Shannon McCormick and I did was discuss what makes the samurai genre unique or distinct. What would we need the cast to do to make an audience member feel like they are watching the kind of story […]

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Important Message from The Hideout Theatre

September 7, 2012 kbadr 0

The text below went out to roughly 2,000 Hideout Theatre customers at 10pm on 9/7/2012. If you did not receive the email, it is because you were not potentially affected by the site security issue. Dear Hideout Customer, You are receiving this email because you purchased tickets or classes through […]

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What Makes Austin Secrets Tick?

January 1, 2011 kbadr 0

The first mainstage show The Hideout will be doing in 2011 will be the return of Austin Secrets. I am very excited to be a part of this show again. I had some of my favorite improv moments on stage during the first run of this show, and I’ve heard […]

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Get Your Hideout Theatre 2011 Season Pass Now

November 23, 2010 kbadr 0

Last week, The Hideout Theatre announced its 2011 Mainstage schedule. The Saturday night Mainstage shows have become The Hideout’s signature shows, exploring new genres and formats and pushing the limits of improvisation. These shows are going to sell-out, so we’re giving the die-hard Hideout fans a chance to get their […]

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Interview with Kevin Gillese of Dad’s Garage

July 12, 2010 kbadr 0

As you all know, we’re bringing two fantastic improvisers down from Dad’s Garage in Atlanta this weekend. In addition to teaching some workshops (spots are still left, by the way), Kevin and Amber will also be captaining the teams in The Battle of the Sexes Improv Showdown at The Long Center Saturday, July 17th. The Hideout recently interviewed Kevin (via email) to find out more about the Dad’s Garage style, the joy of TheatreSports, and the great improv longform/shortform debate. He was delightfully–and brutally– honest.

Hideout Theatre: You started out in Edmonton before you moved to Atlanta. Is there a noticeable difference in style between Canadian and American improvisation?

Kevin Gillese: RFT [Rapid Fire Theatre, in Edmonton] and Dad’s are so connected aesthetically, and have been for many years. I think that’s the reason that I feel like the improv is so similar. The truth is that every city in Canada has a different style