Sexy Future Space Lady runs Saturdays at 8pm through May and June!

Meet the most beautiful creature of the future. Her name is Sexy Future Space Lady and she makes science fiction…something else.

Sexy Future Space Lady is a five-star, double-rated astronavagatrix Earth girl and she’s crash landing at The Hideout Theatre Saturdays at 8pm in May and June. Get your tickets now!

Her top-secret mission is a real wing dinger: an completely improvised show drawn on the adventures of Barbarella, that 1960s cult phenomenon we all know and love. Using suggestions from the audience, Sexy Future Space Lady will take you on an erotic space adventure you’ve never seen before, and will never see again.

See Sexy Future Space Lady do her thing with…a nice space ranger, with a bumbling space accountant, with a gorgeous space queen or with an evil space scientist.

Sexy Future Space Lady, the improv show everyone wants to come to.

Caution: this show is pumped full of innuendo. Be advised.