How the Internship Program Works

The Hideout offers internships assisting with our improv comedy shows every weekend as an option for those who would not otherwise be able to afford our adult improv classes, or people who are in a tight spot financially.

Basically if you sign up for an internship, you’ll do eight volunteer shifts (ten for musical improv classes) in exchange for half off the tuition cost for six weeks of classes. (You can intern for multiple levels in a row.) Once you’ve agreed to intern, our registrar will send you a coupon code to register for your class online.

The Hideout registrar makes the monthly schedule about a week before each new month begins, assigning a similar number of shifts to each intern, as availability allows (and taking your basic availability into account). You can also often pick up extra shifts when there are cancellations or special events/shows. The regular shifts are:

Thursdays 8pm and 10pm
Fridays 8pm and 10pm
Saturdays 6pm, 8pm and 10pm
Sundays 2pm and 8pm

Interns must show up 45 minutes before the start time of the show and should expect to stay for the duration of the show (for an 8pm show, you would arrive at 7:15pm and be done no later than 9:45). Upon arriving interns are assigned a task by the house manager—anything from selling or punching tickets to doing lighting or sound. If you work the box office or ticket taking position, you can still watch the show (although you will miss the first few minutes).

If you’re interested in interning in exchange for a discount on classes, email