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The Threefer

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Congratulations! You’ve stumbled across The Threefer, Austin’s original Improv Variety show. 


It means that every week three WILDLY DIFFERENT groups from theaters all over town (not just the Hideout) converge on this highly affordable show to do three shows.

This is where improvisers come to show off what they got, and to watch each other tear up the stage.


Kingston is a group of friends with years of improv experience. We perform a loose, fast, and dynamic montage of scenes with many callbacks thereby creating a story of characters that heightens and explores what is funny about them.

Born of fire and baptized in blood, Widowmaker descends upon this doomed world every Thursday night in October to bring laughter to a lucky few. YOU WILL LAUGH so loud that your ancestors will hear you in Hell. YOU WILL SCREAM as they wield the Harold format like a broadsword forged by the Devil himself. YOU WILL CRY in your car as you realize that you will never see anything that funny again.

Headlining: Indigo Shift
One night only…because there’s only one night left! INDIGO SHIFT is an improvised dystopian cabaret, an apocalyptic mix of stories, scenes, and songs to wait out and ring in the end of the world, one final show for the last night on Earth! We invite you to join us for the ultimate performance…literally! So…pull up a chair. Have a drink. Come and see…

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Thu. Dec 3rd, 8:00pm - $5

3 great troupes from all over the city: Kingz, The Fat Beatles, Get Up

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Thu. Dec 10th, 8:00pm - $5

3 great troupes from all over the city: Minority Report, Alamo City Improv, Deep Turtle

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Thu. Dec 17th, 8:00pm - $5

3 great troupes from all over the city: G.O.O.F.S., The Wentworths, The Amazon & The Milksop