Make It So

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Make It So

Space, the final frontier.

These are the voyages of Make It So, a new improv show based on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In Make It So, we’re invoking the cherished 1990s show, the series that brought real science(ish), compassion, diplomacy, sympathetic characters and a whole host of new possibilities to the world established in the 1960s original series. 

Each episode of Make It So will feature brand-new, never-before-seen characters, encounters and dialogue because we’ll be completely improvising each show! The crew of Make It So is manning the USS Callisto, filled with Starfleet cadets, ensigns and lieutenants as well as stoic Vulcans, proud Klingons, greedy Ferenghi and more.

“I felt like there was still uncharted space to explore,” director Cat Drago says about her inspiration for directing Make It So. “Star Trek: Next Generation had so much to say, and was so ahead of its time, I always found myself wondering what the power of improv could find in that universe.”


Directed by Cat Drago
Assistant Directed by Ace Manning
Stage Managed by Joseph Simmons
Musical Scoring by
Sound Effects by
Lighting by
Video by
Scenic and Graphic design by Kaci Beeler
Props by Ace Manning and Cindy Page
Costumes by Ace Manning and Cat Drago
Videos created and compiled by Ace Manning
Photos by Steve Rogers Photography
Jessica Arjet, Andrew Butler, Jeffrey Chatman, Cat Drago, Courtney Hopkin ,Lisa Jackson, Ace Manning, Ronnita Miller, Adrian Prado, Heidi Rogers, Frank Sánchez, Megan Sherrod, Jessica Von Schramm