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The Weekender

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Every Sunday night is a combination of Austin’s newest student performers and some of the most experienced troupes in town.  Get blown away by the raw, joyful energy of the Hideout’s most recent graduates and then relax into the warm, firm embrace of Austin’s most seasoned improvisers.


Level 3 Student Showcase
Graduates of our introductory series of classes showcase advanced games and scenework inspired by audience suggestions.

Level 6 Student Showcase
Graduates of our performance series show off the storytelling skills that are the culmination of 36 hours of improv classes.

Headlining: Baby Parts Just Imagine: Baby Parts hit the stage. No no, not like that! Dark much? Look, we’re called Baby Parts because all 6 of us together resemble something like a baby: talented for no reason other than existing, have a lot of energy and demand to be fed. TO BE FED LAUGHTER. But really though, come on out for a good time and afterwards we will love you unconditionally. Like a baby.

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Sun. Nov 29th, 8:00pm - $5

Two Level 5 Showcases, and Nice Astronaut

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Sun. Dec 6th, 8:00pm - $5

Level 5 Showcase, Level BNatural Showcase, and A Penny Dreadful

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Sun. Dec 13th, 8:00pm - $5

Two Level 2 Showcases, and a Level 5 Showcase

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Sun. Dec 20th, 8:00pm - $5

Lvl 3 Showcase, TBD, Pupcakes

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Sun. Dec 27th, 8:00pm - $5

Mother Punch, Character Explosion, and History Under the Influence