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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Austin improv scene is bursting with creativity.

There are hundreds of performers, and every single one of them is prone to saying things like “Wouldn’t it be crazy if…?” or “I just had the most insane idea.”

This is where those dreams go, not to die, but to live gloriously on the stage for one night only.

Every week will be dramatically different.

There could be shows with improvisers tied up in rope, 50 performers onstage, blindfolded actors, improvising dogs, or 1000 other things.


Reserve your tickets in advance to guarantee yourself a spot.


Coffee and Bacon, produced by Michael Day Kauffman

This is a one time Austin performance. A high energy, gamey and very physical 2 man show.  Robert and Michael met taking classes at IO and have performed together with their troupe Sophomore Album for 3 years. Robert currently performs on an IO Harold team, Apollo, and is also a graduate of the Second City Conservatory. And he’s in town for the weekend! It’s a re-match made in Heaven.

Holiday Commercial Break, produced by Courtney Hopkin

Back by popular demand!

There’s nothing quite like holiday commercials. Gap, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, whatever. Sweater clad suburbanites with rustic decorations and fixed smiles. But what happens when the characters from these commercials are not in the commercials? What happens when they’re just living their lives?


Naughty LIst – Sam Shak, Ruby Willmann, and Jessica Arjet