Queering the Sequel

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Sun. Aug 25th, 7:00pm. $12Improvised queer versions of your favorite movies

Sun. Sep 8th, 7:00pm. $12Improvised queer versions of your favorite movies

Sun. Sep 15th, 7:00pm. $12Improvised queer versions of your favorite movies

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Queering the Sequel

The classic movies you know and love.

Just a little bit queerer.

Scratch that, A LOT, queerer.


Queering the Sequel is an improv show that tackles queer representation in movies head on by reimagining classic popular movies with queer characters, love stories and friendships.

Each week, Queering the Sequel takes on a new genre and makes up a completely new version of a movie in that genre. Each show will be performed only once so you can come to every Queering the Sequel show and see something brand new every time!


Genre By Week:
August 18 – Fantasy
August 25 – Period
September 8 – RomCom
September 15 – Sci-Fi


“This cast is incredibly talented,” says Queering the Sequel co-director Cass Gutierrez. “Their commitment to being vulnerable and intimate with each other is astounding and I cannot wait to see how they portray queer characters in these movies while also being total goof balls.”


Directed by:
Cass Gutierrez and Caeriel Crestin 

Stage Manager:
Bree Dietze

Technical Improvisers:
Jazlyn Kraft, Melissa Saldana

Brandi Davis, Danielle DaVerona, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Jack Tokarz, Nick Desai, Paul Mahaffey, Sophia Poitier, Stephanie Vasquez-Fonseca