I’ll Take The Physical Challenge

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I’ll Take The Physical Challenge

 Improv + torture. Improv + pain. Improv + slime.


Saturdays in September and October, The Hideout presents “I’ll Take The Physical Challenge”, a game-show style improv show in which the improvisors are mentally and physically pushed to their limits just to see what happens.

“I’ll Take The Physical Challenge” is inspired by 1980s Nickelodeon staple “Double Dare” and Japanese game shows like “Gaku No Tsukai”. Each show, two teams will compete for supremacy, enduring the “I’ll Take The Physical Challenge” game masters’ master list of devious games. Over the course of the show, the performers will be worn down emotionally until the finale when one team will be declared champion of the show.

Come for the torture, stay for the slime.

Saturdays at 8pm, September 10th – November 5th

Directed by Courtney Hopkin
Assistant Direction by Rob Yoho
Ensemble Cast: Rachel Austin, Kaci Beeler, Quinn Buckner, Patrick Creamer, Katie Dahm, Tyler Groce, Margaret Hunsicker, Kyle Traughber, Kacey Samiee, Ann Symmonds, Brett Tribe, Alex Walker, JR Zambrano
with Courtney Hopkin as Alpha, Rob Yoho as Dr. Milgrim, and Alex Walker/J.R. Zambrano as Trina
Stage Manager – Rachel Denton
Technical Director – Lindsey McGowen
Asst. Technical Director/Swing Tech – Nichole Bennett
Lights – Carolyn Gjertson
Sound – Dylan Garsee
Graphic and Scenic Design – Kaci Beeler
Photography – Steve Rogers Photography
Artistic Director – Roy Janik