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Teen Intensives

About the Intensive

Take a week to work on your improv and acting skills this summer. First we’ll cover the basics of improv acting, so you know how to walk on the stage with nothing and create worlds. Then we will get in there and work your scenes to make them as full and rich as possible. Including playing with character, timing, interactions, reactions, and narrative structure. By the end of the week you’ll be ready to take the stage in our own performance for your friends and family. And blow them away!

Visit our main Improv Summer Camp page for information on camps for younger children.

Teen Intensive Topics

Each of our Teen Intensives will have a special topic, or improv format, that is used to focus the instruction.

The Slacker (June 15-19)

Instructor: Emma Holder

The Slacker is a long form improv format named after Richard Linklater’s iconic Austin film, “Slacker.” The show follows characters through different scenes, instead of following one specific story. We might see a taxi driver and a passenger, then see that passenger interact with a friend. Then we will see that friend in a meeting with her boss who we will follow to her home where she interacts with her family.

The class will focus on:
- Creating fun and interesting characters
- Building a unique world that the characters inhabit by exploring two different components of each characters life
- Using the question: If this is true about this world or character, what else is true? to inspire new scenes with established characters.
- building the listening skills needed to create a cohesive longform show.

Emma Holder is an actress, writer and improviser in Austin. She has been performing in Austin since 2008 and teaching and coaching improv since 2011. As a formally trained actor, Emma loves focusing on strong character work and reacting honestly in her improv and improv teaching.

The Movie Format (July 13-17)

Instructor: Asaf Ronen

The Movie Format (developed by the late Del Close) uses the vocabulary and techniques of film to create improv on the stage. The object is to unfold one sprawling narrative, often with multiple storylines sometimes discovering the genre along the way.

This class will focus on:
- New ways to use the stage to convey a new environment
- Initiating genre and letting the genre guide your story
- Leaning narrative in a way to focus on what is happening instead of what is coming next

Asaf Ronen has been performing, directing, and teaching improv for going on 25 years starting in New York City. With his book, Directing Improv, he has traveled most of these United States as well as Norway, United Kingdom and Canada before settling here in Austin to help run The Institution Theater. He is also a producer on the improv documentary Trust Us This Is All Made Up which premiered at SxSW.

Process (July 27-31)

Instructor: Jeremy Sweetlamb

PROCESS is an original longform improv format invented for the purpose of mocking the theatrical process of putting on a scripted play. Each show goes through the “casting” of the show with a series of monologues, the “script’s” first table read, a rehearsal, and then the culminating opening night, all of which are completely improvised. Both the story of the play and the story of putting on the play are made up on the spot. It’s a perfect format for those with experience in the scripted world of theatre but works great and is easily grasped by those with no experience.

This class will focus on:
- Finding the funny in awkward group situations, and exploiting it for laughs
- Telling a story piece by piece in an unconventional way
- The improvised building of two separate characters in one performer

PROCESS is taught by Jeremy Sweetlamb, an improv teacher, director, and actor of nearly 20 years who has studied and lived in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. He is a member of Austin’s legendary Available Cupholders and also the Executive Producer of the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, now planning for its 14th year.

Times, Dates, And Details

June 15 – 19
The Slacker
Mon – Fri, 1:00 – 5:00
July 13 – 17
The Movie Format
Mon – Fri, 1:00 – 5:00
Jul 27 – Jul 31
Mon – Fri, 1:00 – 5:00

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that cancelations are sometimes necessary.

If you need to cancel anytime up until a week before the start of the camp you are registered for we will refund you the price you paid, minus a $25 administration fee.  If you want to transfer to another camp there will be no penalty.

If you cancel with less than one weeks notice, we will refund you half of the price you paid, or allow you to switch to another camp minus a $25 administration fee.

If you don’t show up or cancel after the start of the camp there will be no refund unless you have a doctors note, or other compelling emergency.  In these cases you will only be issued a credit of the amount you paid for another camp, or class at the Hideout Theatre minus a $25 administration fee.

All Cancelations should be in writing – email is preferred.