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Teen Intensives

About the Intensive

Take a week to work on your improv and acting skills this summer. First we’ll cover the basics of improv acting, so you know how to walk on the stage with nothing and create worlds. Then we will get in there and work your scenes to make them as full and rich as possible. Including playing with character, timing, interactions, reactions, and narrative structure. By the end of the week you’ll be ready to take the stage in our own performance for your friends and family. And blow them away!

Visit our main Improv Summer Camp page for information on camps for younger children.

Teen Intensive Topics

Each of our Teen Intensives will have a special topic, or improv format, that is used to focus the instruction.

Exploring Narrative (June 19-23)

Instructors: Kareem Badr and Rob Yoho

Narrative Improv – creating full plays from nothing – is the signature style of the Hideout Theatre. In this one week intensive you will learn the structure of stories, how to create and develop a protagonist, how to raise the stakes so your audience cares, and how to find beautifully satisfying endings. Although this intensive is focused on improv, it would be helpful for any type of story creator from writers to film creators.

Kareem Badr is a co-owner of the Hideout and one of the foremost teachers of narrative improv nationally and internationally.

Rob Yoho earned his MFA in directing from Baylor University – he works with both scripted and improvised plays and this cross-pollination creates a unique perspective on story creation.

Games and Fun (July 17-21)

Instructor: Courtney Hopkin

Fast, furious and fun – improv games deliver hilarious content in quick, bite sized pieces. In this class you’ll learn how to playfully connect with your scene partners, how to find the game of any scene, and how to develop the scenic aspects of any game. You’ll find the joy in silly competitions and how to make the most of messing with your friends. This intensive is for those that really like to play and make other’s laugh.

Courtney Hopkin is a member of Rhino Dino – Austin’s foremost short form improv troupe. She also directed “I’ll Take the Physical Challenge” the Hideout’s wildly sucessful show forcing improvisors through a succession of bizar and hilarious challenges.

A Study in Characters (July 31 – Aug 4)

Instructor: Luke Wallens

In this class you will really delve deeply into what it means to create a character. You’ll learn how to develop who your character is and what they want. How to support your fellow improvisors in their character journey and how to put it all together to make a final show that will blow the minds of your audience. This class would also be great for actors and writers – anyone who works with developing real characters.

Luke Wallens has been a member of the Hideout’s weekly children’s show for 6 years as both an actor and director. In addition to improv he also curates a monthly stand up show and teaches kids with special needs.

Times, Dates, And Details

June 19 – 23
Exploring Narrative
with Kareem Badr and Rob Yoho
Mon – Fri, 1:00 – 5:00
July 17 – 121
Games and Fun with Courtney Hopkin
Mon – Fri, 1:00 – 5:00
July 31 – Aug 4
A Study in Characters with Luke Wallens
Mon – Fri, 1:00 – 5:00

The showcases for the teen intensives will be 4:00-5:30 on Friday.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that cancelations are sometimes necessary.

If you need to cancel anytime up until a week before the start of the camp you are registered for we will refund you the price you paid, minus a $25 administration fee.  If you want to transfer to another camp there will be no penalty.

If you cancel with less than one weeks notice, we will refund you half of the price you paid, or allow you to switch to another camp minus a $25 administration fee.

If you don’t show up or cancel after the start of the camp there will be no refund unless you have a doctors note, or other compelling emergency.  In these cases you will only be issued a credit of the amount you paid for another camp, or class at the Hideout Theatre minus a $25 administration fee.

All Cancelations should be in writing – email is preferred.