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Hideout Kids

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Hideout Kids (formerly The Flying Theater Machine)

Best Kid-Friendly Theater
- The Austin Chronicle 2015 Best of Austin Awards

Sundays at 2pm January 8th through February 26th, Hideout Kids presents a delightful, family-friendly improv show: The Case in Space!

Space – vast and empty.  If you get lost out here you are in trouble, deep trouble.  When our charming and cunning detective loses their way, only our audience of intrepid space cadets can help him follow the clues, solve the mystery, and return to earth before the clock runs out.  A thrilling and hilarious mystery adventure for school aged audiences & their families.

Sundays at 2pm January 8th – February 26th at The Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress Avenue in downtown Austin.



About The Show!

Every Sunday at Hideout Kids, improvisors act silly, kids laugh loudly, and parents watch happily as a new and unique story unfolds biased on the suggestions of the kids in the audience. Some of our favorite audience quotes are:

“That was so much fun!” – Kid.
“Thanks, we’ll be back next week.” – Grown-up
“I laughed so hard my sides hurt!” – Kid
“You all are amazing!” – Grown-up.

Hideout Kids (formerly The Flying Theater Machine) has been tickling the funny bones of Austin Children for the past 5 years. “I created [the show] as a way to bring improvisation to kids in Austin,” says Hideout Owner Jessica Arjet. “Kids gain confidence from jumping on stage, and parents get to see their children in such a positive light. Laughter brings people together, so what could be better than offering a way for families to laugh together?”

“We had a great time. The actors frequently stop and ask the audience for ideas and then the story takes off in a completely new direction, but still makes sense. The quick witted humor is excellent, yet remains clearly G rated. Very good for families and children.”KidEvents.com

P.S. We also offer improv classes for kids!

kids award

Flying Theater Machine was named “Best Austin Theatre Group for Kids” by Nickelodeon!


Snowball Fight – we’ll have two teams that vie for the affection of the audience.



Runtime: Approximately 1 hour.

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Sun. Feb 26th, 2:00pm - $5

Improv for kids! Children help create fantastic worlds and go on adventures with the cast of Hideout Kids