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Announcing the 2015 Season and Schedule

Here it is. The 2015 Hideout Mainstage Season.

I am stupidly excited. It was extremely difficult to put together, but oh so worth it.

So, without further delay, here it is:

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1 ticket to each of our 2015 Mainstage shows. A $72 value!

Right out of the gate, we’re blasting forward with a new show and a new director. Building off the energy of I Love You So Much and hitting the road, Ruby Willmann is directing Wanderlust, a soul searching journey involving music and movement.

Then, Austin Secrets is back! We took a year off, but we’re returning for a fifth season. It’s awesome that in the year we took off, BATs in San Francisco did SF Secrets, a run of Twin City Secrets just wrapped, and Portland Secrets had a second run. Now the show returns home.

Troy A. Miller returns to direct a mainstage, his last being in 2012 with Hitchcocked! This time he’s directing a full on murder mystery in the style of Agatha Christie, where (rumor has it) not even the improvisers will know the murderer til the end.

THEN, the show that 1000 people have asked for is finally happening. Ryan Austin and I will be directing an improvised Disney-style musical. Not appropriating any source material (don’t sue us!), but taking our inspiration from the types of stories and songs that have charmed us over the years. Ammon Taylor is on board as the musical director, so half the work is done for us.

After that we totally flip musicals on their head, as Valerie Ward continues her road to darkness with A Deed So Dark, a show about American Murder Ballads, featuring improvised songs of woe and the stories behind them.

And then finally Kaci Beeler wraps up the year with 1960s TV Westerns. Kaci knows all the words (yes, words) to the Bonanza theme song. Make her sing them for you some time.

So there you have it. I hope you love it. I do.

It’s gonna be a hell of a year,
Roy Janik
Artistic Director 

Planning on seeing all of the 2015 season? Why not buy a Season Pass!?
Buy Now

2015 Season Pass – $60 $55 through Dec 1st! 
1 ticket to each of our 2015 Mainstage shows. A $72 value!

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Your WaffleFest Pairing Menu has arrived!

This Thursday, November the Twentieth, begins the Thirteenth annual WaffleFest: a festival that highlights both the societal importance of improvisation and all-you-can-eat waffles. For you, fair theater goer, the Hideout has procured the most delightful of improvisational comedy troupes and the most delicious of waffle toppings. Here for you we present our painstakingly chosen pairings of troupes and toppings, each specifically designed to compliment the other. Print this handy guide out to accompany you to the festivities, won’t you?

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Audiences are raving about Nothing and Everything

Get your tickets here!

Nothing and Everything: Improvised Anton Chekhov Plays opened this past weekend and the reviews are glowing!

“The play was perfect and the casting was even better

“I had the pleasure to see a preview show last week and it was completely fantastic. If you’re a fan of classic theater, Chekhov plays, or being/feeling alive you need to see it. It’s really remarkable and improvised (improvised!) by some of the smartest performers around.”

“Opening night was sublime. Just fantastic theater.”

“Oh, and in case you’re curious, the show is fucking phenomenal.” 

(That last one was courtesy of Hideout Artistic Director Roy Janik)

The run continues tomorrow night, that’s Saturday November 15 at 8pm and continues Saturdays at 8pm til December 20! You don’t want to miss this! Get your tickets here!

photo by Steve Rogers Photography 


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