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Announcing the 2019 48-Hour Marathon!

The Hideout Theatre’s infamous 48-hour improv marathon returns June 28-30, 2019!

Eight courageous improvisors will stay up for 48 hours straight and not just that, they’ll be performing the whole time!

This year’s marathoners are:

Caeriel Crestin

Frank Sanchez

Jessica von Schramm

Jordan T. Maxwell

Lisa Jackson

Megan Sherrod

Micheal Yichao

Monica Martinez Maher

As always, the marathon benefits our Building Connections program for neurodivergent youth! You can find more about the program here!

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South By South Asian Saturdays at 8:30pm!

Get your tickets now!

South by South Asian is a look into the South Asian diaspora experience.
Every show is inspired by true stories from SXSAsian cast members about their experience immigrating to or life in the United States.
With long last names and a longer way from home, we explore familiar stories about Aunties and uncles, family members back home, nosy neighbors, grandmothers and how no one knows how to make chai.
South by South Asian runs Sat June 1 and Sat June 8 at 8:30pm!
Get your tickets now!

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Improvised Play Festival Lineup

The Improvised Play Festival celebrates improvised theater from around the world!

It runs Thurs Feb 21 – Sat Feb 23

The lineup:

Third Feb 21 8pm – Fist Full of Kicks (Vancouver, Canada) /Dark Side of the Moon (Atlanta, GA)
Thurs Feb 21 9pm – La Vida De Los Muertos (Austin)
Thurs Feb 21 10pm – Twins/Rook (Austin)
Fri Feb 22 8pm – Dark Side of the Room (Atlanta, GA)
Fri Feb 22 8:30pm – Big Gay Musical (Austin)
Fri Feb 22 9:30pm – The Ensemble Project (Amsterdam)
Fri Feb 22 10pm – Pgraph (Austin)
Sat Feb 23 6pm – Small Town Girl (Austin) SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 23 8pm -Grand Misery (Austin)
Sat Feb 23 8:30pm -Ensemble Project (Amsterdam)
Sat Feb 23 9:30pm – The Well-Made Play (Austin)
Sat Feb 23 10:30pm – Fist Full of Kicks (Vancouver, Canada)

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