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Levels 4-6


So you’ve decided that this improv thing is for you. The first level of our performance series is an advanced scene study class, building on the foundation you acquired in Levels One through Three and exploring advanced techniques and strategies for getting out of your own way, keeping the audience in the palm of your hand, making strong choices in games, scenes and longer formats, and recognizing the difference between genuine delight and politely muddling through. Level Four includes a strong direct feedback component. Classes run once a week (three hours) for six weeks, limit 12 students. Level Four culminates in a student showcase in the Sunday Weekender for friends and family.



You’ve got all the building blocks of improv and now it’s time to put it all together in a run of self-directed shows. Throughout the year we offer a variety of different Level Five classes exploring different formats. Produce your own shortform show with games and scenes in Theatresports. Or try a Montage class and discover not just how to transition between connected scenes, but also WHEN and WHY. Or dabble with narrative longform in Six Degrees. Whatever the format, we’ll continue to work on sustaining the playfulness and effortlessness that makes it all worthwhile. Classes run once a week (three hours) for six weeks, limit 10 students. Level Five culminates in a student showcase in the Weekender.



In the third class in our performance series you’ll dive headfirst into what might be the most difficult work we do at the Hideout — long form narrative. Through games, exercises and training formats, you’ll learn the basic elements of improvising a thirty-minute story: who is the story about, what kind of story is it, when to chill out and when to be changed, etc. Classes run once a week (three hours) for six weeks, limit 10 students. Level Six culminates in a mini-run of two student shows in the Sunday Weekender.


Classes FAQ

Q: Am I ready for Level Four?
A: If you’re having fun and want to give this improv thing a shot as a hobby, social group, art form or career, go for it …more info

Q: How do I get more stage time?
Maestro is every Saturday. Maestro Raw is on Saturdays every other month. Every two months is a new student mainstage show and cast. Form a troupe and get on the Hideout schedule. Check out jams at the Hideout and other theaters around town. …more info

Q: How do I get plugged into the Hideout community?
A: Go to the parties and socialize after shows (whether you’re performing or watching). Volunteer to help out with the weekend shows. Buy your instructors a drink! …more info

Q: What can I do for the Hideout?
Help us spread the good word of improv by dragging people to shows and classes. And connect us with companies and organizations that would benefit from business training or entertainment. …more info

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Level Four

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Mon. Mar 25th, 7:00pm-10:00pm. $235

Level Four improv class with instructor TBA (six weeks) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)

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Tue. Mar 26th, 7:00pm-10:00pm

Level Four improv class with Megan Sherrod (six weeks) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)