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It Takes Two


It Takes Two: Storytelling for Duos with Quinn Buckner
Thursday, September 28, 7-9pm

At first, a show with only two people can feel limiting. In this workshop we’ll focus on techniques duos can use to create a compelling, immersive story that is dynamic and exciting for both players and audience with a focus on scene painting, multiple characters, narration, and playfulness. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be scene painting a detailed market, playing all its inhabitants, popping out to narrate important details, and then –just for giggles- making your partner sell charming knick-knacks while rhyming. Learn to blur the lines between player, storyteller, and audience. All you need is two.

**You are welcome to sign up with your duos/troupe or just as an individual.

Quinn Buckner began teaching in 2011 and has since taught workshops locally and internationally on subjects such as spacework, naive games, groundedness, emotions, and diagnostics. Quinn’s teaching is rooted in mindfulness and self-awareness. He believes learning how choices and defaults affect yourself and those around you is key to maximising fun and developing positive relationships with both the audience and scene partners.

As a performer Quinn has been improvising since 2009 and has attended over 25 festivals such as DCM (New York), Improvaganza (Edmonton), Improvaganza (Honolulu), and Out of Bounds (Austin). He performs regularly in mainstage shows at both the Hideout Theatre and Coldtowne Theater in Austin, Texas. He is also the producer of the Hideout Theatre’s Improvised Play Festival, which is focused exclusively on theatrical, narrative improv.

$24 / 2 hours / Limited Space **Class held at Hideout Studios – 2505 E 6th St, Unit C