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Ace Manning Workshops


Improv Geometry with Ace Manning
Saturday, February 24, 10am-1pm

Want your scenes to take shape faster? Improv Geometry is an analysis and practice to produce bold initiations that are clear for the audience and communicates to fellow players intentions and offers. Mainly this class will focus on the importance of the first 30 seconds of a scene. CROW is very important however we will set this aside to examine other aspects of the first 30 seconds. By examining these aspects with a microscope we will build better scenes that are full of life and enjoyment.

Embrace The Problem with Ace Manning
Saturday, February 24, 2-5pm

Do you find that your narratives go of the rails and end up in Crazy Town territory? Its human nature to correct a problem…… Improv must embrace the problem…  As the former mayor of Crazy Town I can show you how to avoid those paths. We will focus on patience and filters as techniques to dig our feet into narratives and not rush through so there is the time and space to create masterpieces. We will use terms like protagonist and antagonist but we will forego deconstructing different narrative techniques. Instead, we will strive to allow the thematic elements and main conflict of a piece to propel our exploration of a narrative.

ACE MANNING has been performing improv for over 18 years. He has studied the craft in Jeremy Sweetlamb’s living room, at iO and Annoyance in Chicago, and under many other fine teachers of improvisation and acting. He has performed all over the US in festivals and touring shows, and with Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. He currently lives in Austin, Texas and regularly performs with The Knuckleball Now in addition to his work with the Available Cupholders. Ace is also an award-winning bartender and creator of craft cocktails, but he’ll never tell you that himself.

$35 each/ 2.5 hours each / Limited Space / **Class held at Hideout Studios – 2505 E 6th St, Unit C