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The Hideout Management Team

The Hideout Management Team circa 2009 (from left to right) – Roy Janik, Kaci Beeler, Mike McGill, Kareem Badr, Andy Crouch, and Jessica Arjet


Kareem Badr – General Manager
Jessica Arjet – Youth Director

Roy Janik – Artistic Director


Andy Crouch – Director of Education
Kaci Beeler – Director of Design
Lacy Alana – Building Connections (Special Needs) Program Director
Courtney Hopkin – Public Relations
Adjunct Staff
Caeriel Crestin – Thursday House Manager, Intern Coordinator & Registrar
Luke Wallens – Friday House Manager
Alex Salinas – Saturday House Manager
Esperanza Rivadeneira – Sunday House Manager
Lindsey McGowen & Cynthia Ward – Technical Directors  
Faculty (Adult Classes)
Andy Crouch, Roy Janik, Valerie Ward, Kareem Badr, Jon Bolden, Jessica Arjet, Quinn Buckner, Ryan Austin, Courtney Hopkin, Kacey Samiee, Shannon Stott, Manuel Duran, Caeriel Crestin, Rob Yoho
Faculty (Youth Classes)
Jessica Arjet, Kristin Henn, Emma Holder, Lacy Alana, Aspen Webster, Margaret Hunsicker
See our instructors page for more information on our teachers.

Lacy Alana, Building Connections (Special Needs) Program Director

Lacy Alana, LCSW is the Building Connections Program Director at the Hideout Theatre. In addition to being an improv performer and instructor, she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has focused her career on working with at-risk youth and youth on the spectrum. She is excited to further combine her passion for improv with her professional experience and expertise. You can contact Lacy by email: lacy@hideouttheatre.com


Jessica Arjet, Youth Director

Jessica Arjet is the Youth Director and a co-owner of The Hideout Theatre. She developed and has run the Hideout Youth programs including: classes, shows, summer camps, workshops, and touring company since 2006. She teaches classes and workshops for both kids and adults. Since 2007 she has also been the producer, director, and actor in the award-winning The Flying Theater Machine – The Hideout’s regular Sunday children’s show and traveling troupe.

Jessica appears regularly on Thursday nights in the Free Fringe and regularly plays and directs at the Hideout and around town at other theaters. She has won several awards as part of these endeavors, including Austin Chronicle Awards, Nickelodeon’s Parents Pick award, Critics Table awards, and a B. Iden Payne nomination.


Kareem Badr, General Manager

Kareem Badr is the General Manager and one of the owners of The Hideout Theatre. He oversees the logistics of show and event planning, maintains and improves the physical space, and keeps track of the financial side of the business. He is a regular performer in The Hideout’s many shows, and is the creator and director of The Violet Underbelly, a tribute to classic film noir. He is also on the core staff of Hideout teachers, and particularly enjoys teaching upper level classes. As a member of the award-winning improv group Parallelogramophonograph, he has toured and taught internationally, originated numerous original show formats, and pioneered the teaching of instinctual narrative storytelling.


Kaci Beeler, Director of Design

Kaci Beeler has been a Hideout performer since 2005 and the Director of Design at The Hideout Theatre since 2009. In addition to creating marketing strategies for shows and classes, directing photo shoots, and designing web and print graphics, Kaci is also the set designer and scenic painter for six Mainstage productions every year. Kaci holds a BA in Art from St. Edward’s University, with an emphasis in Painting.

She’s also a regular performer and director at The Hideout and has taught and performed improv in over 50 national and international cities including Tokyo, London, NYC, LA, Chicago, Seoul, Melbourne, Paris, Toronto, Beijing, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Shanghai, Sydney, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Kaci is a company member with the award-winning ensemble Parallelogramophonograph, who perform every Friday at 10pm. Find out more at KaciBeeler.com.


Andy Crouch, Director of Education

Andy has been a Hideout performer since 2001, an instructor since 2003 and the director of education and professional development since 2004. He’s endlessly intrigued by improv as an art form — directing Hideout shows like Maestro, Theatresports, Improv Shakespeare and Live Nude Improv — but his real passion is pushing the transformative and empowering ideas of improv out into the world. He runs The Hideout’s adult classes program and provides Austin companies with team building, professional development and general fun having.


Courtney Hopkin, Public Relations

Courtney has been performing scripted theatre, sketch, and improv in Austin since 2001. She joined the core Hideout staff officially in 2015 and oversees all of the PR for The Hideout Theatre and Coffee House. Courtney holds a degree in Journalism from The University of Texas. Courtney is also a regular teacher, performer, and director at The Hideout. She performs regularly with The Big Bash, Your Terrific Neighbors, as well as in Stool Pidgeon at ColdTowne Theater. She is a co-producer of Austin Sketch Fest.


Roy Janik, Artistic Director

Roy Janik is the Artistic Director (and a co-owner) of The Hideout Theatre. As such, he plans and schedules all of the Hideout’s shows, troupes, showcases, and special events. He has performed in many of The Hideout’s mainstage productions, and is the creator and director of the critically-acclaimed show Austin Secrets. As one of the Hideout’s core teachers, Roy teaches improv levels one through six. His favorite class to teach is level four, a personal feedback class he helped create the curriculum for. As a member of the improv troupe Parallelogramophonograph, he has traveled to perform and teach in over 30 cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, New York, and London. He spearheaded the creation of the Improvised Play Festival, the world’s first festival devoted exclusively to theatrical, narrative improv.