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February, 2016

Submit a Secret for Austin Secrets

The Hideout Theatre’s latest mainstage show, Austin Secrets, opens this Saturday (March 5). This is the sixth season of this incredibly popular show and we need secrets to inspire the cast!

Got something to share? Click here!

After you’ve submitted your secret, come see the show and see if we use your secret! Austin Secrets runs select Saturdays and Sundays in March and April.

Get your tickets here!


photo by Steve Rogers Photography


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Welcome to 183 Dewberry Lane

183 Dewberry Lane is our latest student mainstage show. It runs Saturdays in February at 6pm. Get your tickets here!


In order to really nail the tone of any genre improv show, the cast starts by doing a lot of research. When the cast of 183 Dewberry Lane got together to research this horror-comedy improv show, they got their reps in watching amature YouTube videos, classic horror films and modern “found footage” movies, focusing on plots where the living are unwelcome and the dead are very, very angry.

Here’s a list of their top 5 influences:

1. The Conjuring

A family moves into a dilapidated farmhouse. Everyone is very happy. Why won’t the family dog set foot in the house, though?

2. Poltergeist (the original!)

A family moves into a brand new suburb. They’re happy, isn’t the lawn nice? What’s going on with Carol Anne?

3. Paranormal Activity

A young couple move into a new house. Everything seems to be going well…actually, no, one of the protagonists is being tormented by a demon. But, hey, new house!

4. The Others

A young mother and her children live in isolation. A series of bumps in the night intensify to aggressive hauntings.

5. What Lies Beneath

A couple deals with the aftermath of a car wreck that leaves one of them with memory problems. The new neighbors next door sure do fight a lot.


183 Dewberry Lane runs Saturdays in February at 6pm. Get your tickets here!
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