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March, 2015

Public Secrets and Relations

Courtney, here! This is a pretty exciting week for me. Here’s why:


1. I now business-card-officially work for the Hideout doing public relations! It’s a dream to work at a theater that I care about, that I perform at, that has provided me and so many others with so much joy and meaning over the years.


2. Austin Secrets opens tomorrow! It’s such a meaningful and special show. This is my third year doing it and it still constantly surprises me, touches me and makes me laugh. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life as I have been in the truth chair. The audience can ask you any question and you have to answer truthfully. It’s terrifying but it’s so cathartic and creates a unique bond between the audience and the cast.

So come out to Austin Secrets Tomorrow at 8pm, ask me some personal questions and watch me spill my guts out. Make sure to buy me a cocktail afterward, though!


photo by Warren Henderson

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