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October, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to go to Hideout’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

1. All-Lady Start Trekkin’ in The Best of the Free Fringe – An all female starship crew. Doesn’t get much better than that! Thursday (Tonight!), 10pm

2.  The “Old Timers” bout in All-Star Theatresports – Take a trip back in time and watch Hideout veterans Kacey Samiee, David Lampe, Lauren Zinn Buck, Sean Hill, Shana Merlin and Craig Kotfas kick it old school. Friday, 8pm.

3. The Tech Ninja Death Squad – Tech booth masters Cynthia Ward, Lindsey McGowen, Cortney DeAngelo and Neal Tibrewala will be rocking the entire celebration. All weekend.

4. The Student MainStage Sampler – If you’ve missed any or all of our student MainStage shows, you can catch up with this buffet of talent: After School Improv, What the Fuck, Cochise, The Dahl House, Camp Madeuponaspotta, and The Aftermath. Saturday, 9pm

5. Hugging all your friends, new and old. All weekend, every hour. Free.

photos by Steve Rogers

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Only Three More Chances to See Reform School for Wayward Girls!!


Click here to get tickets NOW!!

Why haven’t you been to see Reform School for Wayward Girls yet?! There are only THREE shows left: October 11, October 18 and November 1!

What are you missing? Fights, hair pulling and corporal punishment. Pack leaders, narcoleptics and daddy’s girls. Mewling teachers, creepy headmasters and bizarre janitors. The hole. The cane. Just to name a few.

“The show has a very fun, highly comedic concept, and gives the performers a lot of permission to do work they may not normally get to delve into,” says director Kaci Beeler. “Every week I create a completely new set of character cards that no one else sees until they are revealed before the audience onstage and then the improviser is given full permission to delve as far as they can into this character, no matter how crass or ridiculous.”

And, girl howdy, can they be crass and ridiculous. But all that mayhem doesn’t mean that the show isn’t filled with interesting and sympathetic characters.

“Through our rehearsal process we discovered that it was just as delightful to watch the bad girls come together against some challenge as it was to watch them fight each other,” Beeler says. “There’s been a strong theme of perseverance, personal growth, and camaraderie within our shows. Audience members have told me that they were surprised that they ended up caring about characters as much as they did.”

So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now and and join the bedlam! Listen to Kaci!

“We have only three performances left. It’s not enough! Seriously. I don’t want it to end, it’s so very delightful. I just want to savor and enjoy every moment that we have left. I’m having a complete blast and I’m in love with this cast and crew. Audiences are really into the show and it’s hard for me to ask for much more. Come and see!”

Come see Reform School for Wayward Girls on Saturdays October 11, October 18 and November 1 at 8pm!!

photos by Peter Rogers and Steve Rogers

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