Virtual Classes FAQ

Curious about how our Virtual Improv Classes work? Read on!

Curious about how our Virtual Improv Classes work? Read on!

My class is about to start Where do I go?

Check your email (spam folder, too) for your order confirmation email from It should contain instructions and a link to the specific Zoom meeting room where your virtual class is being held. Still missing the info? Email

How do the virtual classes work?

Like everyone else these days, we’re using the Zoom app for virtual classes. You’ll sign up for a class on our website and receive an order confirmation email that includes the Zoom link. The teacher will open up the waiting room right at the class start time.

How does this Zoom thing work?

We recommend using Zoom on a laptop or tablet (phones offer a less full experience). You’ll need to download the Zoom app (free!) and use that account to join your class meeting using the link or meeting ID provided via email.

Is a virtual improv class as much fun as an in-person improv class?

While almost nothing is as much fun as a live, in-person improv class, we’ve been working hard to make these Zoom classes as much fun as possible. If an improv class is 10 times more fun that most activities, virtual improv is about half as fun as that (which is still 5 times better than everything else!).

What are some best practices to have a great virtual class?

1) Use a laptop (not a phone!), if possible.

2) Make sure you’re well-lit. The light source (lamps, windows, etc.) should be in front of you, not behind you.

3) Sit at a desk or stand up for the class. Set your laptop at about chest height or even eye-level (maybe on a box or stack of books).

4) Try to be as close to your modem/router as possible for optimal connection.

5) Test your set up before your first class, to make sure your mic and camera are working.

What happens when the world goes back to normal?

Ongoing classes with local Austin students will return to their usual locations. Any virtual classes made up of students from Austin and beyond will finish out online, and then if there are people who are excited about continuing on to higher levels in virtual classes, we’ll likely continue offering virtual classes.

If you have any other questions about how this works, please don’t hesitate to email us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!