The Violet Underbelly

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The Violet Underbelly

The Hideout Theatre is proud to present The Violet Underbelly: full-length improvised plays in the style of film noir. The Violet Underbelly draws inspiration from classic noir films and hard-boiled fiction. The Hideout’s finest genre improvisers will create a world dirty and rotten enough to make the likes of Jim Thompson, Sterling Hayden, and Dick Powell feel right at home. A world where the rich are above the law and the poor operate below it. Everyone cheats, everyone lies, and everyone gets their hands dirty in The Violet Underbelly.

Detectives, criminals, gamblers, and thieves. They all crawl on their bellies through the cold, violent streets of The Violet Underbelly. Life doesn’t have happy endings, and these stories won’t either.

Half-off admission on opening night for anyone dressed in period attire!

The Violet Underbelly: The city is cold; The people are colder.