The Romantic Rom-Com Comedy Show

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The Romantic Rom-Com Comedy Show

A send-up of your favorite films!

A send-up of your favorite films!

They’re unbelievable, they’re absurd, they’re…..wonderful!

Romantic comedies!

We all know the “world salad” Hallmark or Netflix uses to describe any movie in this genre:

“Sparks fly when two hearts collide when two people who never expected to find each other as two star-crossed lovers as two unlikely lovers discover that love knows no bounds!

We’ve taken that hopelessly over-the-top, generic yet specific, romantic energy and we’ve put it into an improv show!

With your help we’ll create a familiar yet entirely new romantic comedy right before your eyes! We’ll work in your favorite tropes, the old familiar situations and locations, personalities and problems into one hilarious loving send up of the romantic comedy genre!

Get ready to laugh and swoon and join the adventure and follow the journey fall in love with this charming and hilarious romantic comedy!

Run time: approx 1 hr.

Directed by:
Jessica Arjet and Regina Soto

Siddharth Desai, Clifton Highfield, Courtney Hopkin, Tim Gachot, Lisa Michelle Jackson, Mickey May, Adrian Prado, Audrey Rachel Sansom, Marissa Stubbe, Mitch Styer, Aspen Webster
Tech Director:
Jason Hoppenworth
Katty Nunez, Jessica Luevano
Stage Manager:
Colleen Bean Ryan