Savage Swords

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Savage Swords

“Highly ambitious and hilarious!”
– The Austin-American Statesman

Oh, viewers! Gather forth! Through gnarled, labyrinthine forests, through sun-bleached, wind-whipped deserts, through moaning, emerald moors, the Hideout Theatre presents to you Savage Swords: Improvised Heroic Tales inspired by Conan The Barbarian.

Saturdays at 8pm in January and February, Savage Swords will perform for you a completely improvised comedic fable set in the world of Robert E. Howard’s Conan universe. Lionhearted warriors and wizened sorcerers will weave together a never-before-seen pulp fiction epic from the Hyborian Age.
And yes, there will be loincloths.

Director: Marc Majcher
Assistant Director: Ryan Hill
Stage Manager: Rob Yoho
Technical Director and Lighting Improviser: Lindsey McGowen
Musical Score: Michael Yew
Swing Tech: Jay Mahavier
Cast: Ace Manning, Angie Yaeyama, Audrey Rachel Sansom, Jayme Ramsay, JM Specht, Jordan T. Maxwell, J.r. Zambrano, Manuel Duran, Peter Rogers, Rosemarie Frezza, Roy Janik, Shannon McCormick, Suzanne Link
Graphic and Scenic Design: Kaci Beeler
Costume Designer and Sound Effects Improviser: Cindy Page
Photography: Steve Rogers