Ramalamadingdong High

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Ramalamadingdong High

A Rockin’ Rollin’ Retro Improvised Musical!

Ramalamadingdong High

A Rockin’ Rollin’ Retro Improvised Musical!

Are you ready to have you a blast?!
Ramalamadingdong High the improvised musical is here!

A-well-a, well-a, well-a, huh
Uh huh (doo doo)Uh huh (doo doo)Uh huh (doo doo doo doo doo)

Tell you more, tell you more?
Well, if you love the musicals Grease and Grease 2 and want MORE, Ramalamadingdong High will give you more!

Ramalamadingdong High is musical improv comedy made up on the spot, no one has ever seen the musical that you will see the night you see Ramalamadingdong High and no one will ever see it again! It’s a one of a kind experience filled with teenage ne’er do wells, improv comedy and LO-O-O-O-VE (yes, indeed)!

Directed by veteran improvisers Mallory Schlossberg and Kelly Hasandras, Ramalamadingdong High is a high-octane musical filled with talented singers/improvisers that will have you laughing and swooning with their totally improvised songs and characters!

“I am a firm believer in giving audiences the best night at the theater they could possibly have,” says co-director Mallory Schlossberg. “Kelly and I have been working to figure out how to make this show a bona fide musical. That means figuring out how to do improvised dance numbers — Kelly’s brilliant at figuring out how make that possible — and songs that feel like they would belong in Grease 3, 4, or 75 (should they have been written) as well as making it feel like an homage to our source material while still leaving ample room for play and for improv magic to happen.”

Musical director Hayato DeSouza has been working the cast for months to nail the tone of the Grease musicals and will be providing live improvised scoring during the shows to accompany our talented singers!

Join us for an electrifying night of improv comedy, you’ll have chills, they’ll be multiplying, cause of the power we’re supplying at Ramalamadingdong High!

Directed by
Mallory Schlossberg and Kelly Hasandras
Musical Direction by
Hayato DeSouza
Stage Manager and Dramaturg
Megan Rabuse
Sound and DJ Booth
Brandon Barnes
Lights and Media
Nick Desai
Tech Swings
Juliana Cohen and Lisa Shaw
Lahari Dunn, Rachel Frey, Ryan Hammond, Kelly Hasandras, Margaret Hunsicker, Mickey May, Shay Millheiser, Dave Ronn, Natalia Rubio, Mallory Schlossberg, Graham Snow, Katie Traughber, Sawyer Wade