Nightmare Video Project

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Nightmare Video Project

Once there was a game.

A VHS game.

It was called AtmosFear or Nightmare or something, and it worked like this. You put a tape in, and a hooded demonic figure called the Gatekeeper ordered you about, despite being very very pre-recorded. Cheesy and Evil, which pretty sums up the 80s.

Now there is the Nightmare Video Project. The Gatekeeper is back in all his pre-taped glory, and this time he’s issuing challenges to 8 improvisers fighting for their very souls. He decides (or rather has already decided) when scenes are over, and how many points they’re worth… all while being as evil as possible.

It’s nonsensical, it’s completely unfair, and it’s an insanely good and funny time.

Preceding the Nightmare Video Project is…

The Lottery

In which four lucky Hideout improv students (or anyone else who wants to put their name in the hat) will be chosen to improvise on stage with the Hideout’s top performers.