Nightmare Halls

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Nightmare Halls

A Virtual Haunted House Experience

A Virtual Haunted House Experience

From the Twisted Minds of Parallelogramophonograph and American Berserk Theatre

It’s not safe to leave your home…it’s not safe to go out. Not this year. But is it safe to enter our virtual haunted house of frights and delights? Technically, yes, it’s very safe. It’s the most 2020 thing you could do. But is it “Halloween safe”? IT IS NOT. ENTER ONLY IF YOU DARE. Our ghouls and fools have no regard for your fragile monkey mind or your desire for bright, happy, clean spaces. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. Beware, mortals. A series of mysterious rooms, each one more frightening than the last awaits you at NIGHTMARE HALLS.

Is it funny too? Oh yes. Sometimes.
Is it actually scary? We think so. You’ll have to enter to find out.
What’s the rating? PG13 (but seriously no little kids, we want to be able to make adult jokes and stuff)

Here’s how it works:
1. You’ll pick an entrance time when you buy a ticket. *Every individual person must have their own ticket*, regardless of how few computers you use (ie: two people might share one zoom screen, but they should still buy two tickets – don’t worry – tickets are very affordable and sliding scale in price). Buy up to 4 tickets* per entrance time for you and your friends, or arrive solo.

2. You’ll be sent a Zoom link and a confirmation of your entrance time.
If you do not receive an email before the event start time, email

3. Click the Zoom link 5-10 min before your entrance time.

4. When you’re let into the main Zoom entryway, a ghoulish guide will meet you and explain the rest.

*If you have a group that is larger than 4, please email for special accommodations.
**We recommend buying group tickets as a single purchase to guarantee you stay together.**

Runtime: It depends. Approximately 30-45 minutes.
There is an “antechamber room” at the end where you may hang out as long as you like to chat with your fellow survivors.