Harriet and Adanna Save Capitol High

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Harriet and Adanna Save Capitol High

Jinkies! Something seriously weird is going on at Capitol High, and none of the adults or even the other students seem to notice what best friends (and mystery enthusiasts) Harriet & Adanna see. Is it something paranormal? Or is there a logical explanation for every single strange thing? Sure, Harriet and Adanna aren’t the most popular kids at Capitol High (some would call them misfits) but they just want to make sure no one gets hurt. When the microchips are down, can Harriet & Adanna save Capitol High (and ace their mid-terms) before it’s too late??

“Harriet & Adanna Save Capitol High” is a hilarious and ridiculously fun contemporary mystery romp inspired by the Scooby-Doo franchise and more recently, the 2018 film Daphne and Velma.

Set in a tech-savvy American high school in the year 2019, every show will use suggestions from YOU, the audience, to determine our paranormal villain. Will it be ghosts? Witches? Mark Zuckerberg clones? A mean adult wearing a mask the whole time? Who knows?! Every single show is completely improvised, and every performance will feature a different pair of actors taking on the roles of Harriet & Adanna.

“This show has been so much fun to create. It’s like a live-action comedy/cartoon come to life that feels both nostalgic and contemporary.” says co-director Kaci Beeler (winner of the 2018 B. Iden Payne Award for Outstanding Direction of Improvised Theatre). “These are the protagonists I want to see become heroes—”, adds co-director, Margaret Hunsicker, “not because of superpowers or being the ‘Chosen Ones,’ but because they took on the responsibility.”

Expect larger-than-life comic characters, mystery detective montages, spooOOooky creeps, dance breaks, teen angst, and lots of sneaking and looking around doorways – for a limited time only! Saturdays at 8 pm in May and June 2019.

Directors: Kaci Beeler and Margaret Hunsicker
Cast: Kaci Beeler, Ashley Blom, Caeriel Crestin, Cass Gutierrez, Kelly Hasandras, Margaret Hunsicker, Courtney Hopkin, Ace Manning, Jeida Mitchell, Jesse Perez, Nikita Redkar, Will Sebree, Way Spurr-Chen, Kyle Traughber, J.R. Zambrano
Stage Manager: Jennie McMurtry
Lighting Design: Jazlyn Kraft, Jo Wroten
Sound Design: Mitch Mills
SFX Design: Jesus Chavez
Scenic & Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler
Photography: Steve Rogers

This show (created by and starring adults) is rated PG-13.