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Glitter Witch

Unhinged Improv Comedy

Location, Location, Location

8:30-9:30 – only $5

In this mind bending comedy you’ll watch several stories that are happening simultaneously and overlapping.  Time will move forward and backwards, stories will intertwine, and the universe may explode…(probably not).

This show is for the adventurous audience member who wants a unique and exciting experience. And also wants to be home by 10:00. Or out to the club, we won’t judge you, boo!

For the improv nerds – this is Glitter Witch’s take on the “Close Quarters” format developed in Chicago. Here is a note on this format from our coach, Clifton Highfield:

“Performances in Chicago during the late 90s were special for me. I fell in love with Improv watching shows during this time and some of the best material I saw was on the ETC stage at Second City. 25 years later, Glitter Witch is presenting their own take on one of the formats that inspired me to improvise.
About the Format –
Close Quarters was First Performed at Second City ETC in Chicago in 1997. The format “covers scenes that are existing more or less simultaneously in adjacent spaces, i.e. if the show is an hour long, it might only cover 15 minutes of real time, and the first scene in the show will often be one of the last chronologically.”
The original group was formed by Peter Gwinn, and consisted of Craig Cackowski, Bob Dassie, Stephnie Weir, Molly Cavanaugh, Lillian Frances, Al Samuels, and Rich Talarico. Noah Gregoropoulos was the director.
Please enjoy this poem from the late Noah Gregoropoulos written to reinforce the principles of the show:
Heighten characters by engaging,
think adjacent space when staging…
environments are rich with sound,
time collapses turning round…
when throwing forward sounds as cues,
a later payoff often ensues…
Repeat some scenes where they’ve begun,
If all else fails, then just have fun!

To learn more about Close Quarters check out the Improv Wiki –”

You’ll Laugh, You’ll Feel, You’ll say “what the Fug?!?”


It’s only $5!

Chill out with us while we mess around and make genius comedy right before your eyes. We won an award. We’re fuggin’ awesome!

Whatever, it’s $5!

Sh** the audience has said about our shows:

That was so much fun! Thank you!”- Anonymous audience member while avoiding eye contact.

Loved every minute of it! Such a creative and fun format.” – That slightly creepy guy, was he hitting on us?

My date and I are thinking about going again it was so good” – They never came back.

It was like hanging out with my mates” – Said by a British person, so you know it’s an understatement.

Wondering where to go afterward with your friends? We suggest:

Las Perlas for Bandera Shots, chips and Quac – 405 E. 7th

Casino El Camino for a really good burger and beer – 517 E. 6th

The Stephen F. Austin for fancy cocktails on their second-floor balcony – 701 Congress Ave.