Four Chambers

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Four Chambers

Welcome to The Stargazer Series, a brand new selection of shows at The Hideout. Stargazer shows are our chance to experiment, and to find out just what improv is capable of. They are ambitious, strange, intimate, raw, new, and exciting.

The first show out of the gate is Four Chambers: A Series of Staged Nordic LARPs, directed by Marc Majcher.

photo by Roy Moore/Control Images

A Nordic LARP is a specific type of live-action role-playing game, where the players seek to immerse themselves in the feelings and reality of the characters portrayed, to collaborate to create a compelling story, and to generate something that goes beyond entertainment, and instead makes an artistic or political statement.

If this sounds like improv, you’re totally right. Viewed through that lens, a Nordic LARP provides the rules and context for a carefully wound-up world that improvisers will inhabit during a given show.

In Four Chambers, each week is a different world, or set of rules. In sequence, the carefully selected LARPs take us on an increasingly fantastic and far-flung journey.

May 9th- The Tribunal: An intense contest of wills as a desperate group of prisoners must make difficult life-or-death choices.

May 16th- Previous Occupants: A ghost story about jealousy, trust and desire in two acts.

May 23rd- Juggernaut: It’s 1950, the Korean War has just begun, and a group of scientists have invented a computer that can see into the future.

May 30th- Icebox: An all-new creation by Director Marc Majcher about the inhabitants of a spaceship on a very, very long journey.