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A Witch Trial Comedy

A Witch Trial Comedy

We all know the story of The Crucible, the play about hysteria and witch trials in 1600s Salem, Massachusetts.

In Crucibullshit we’ll be telling the story of the lesser known Smudgley, Massachusetts, Salem’s dimmer, more foolish neighboring town.

Our hilarious improvisers, guided by delightful director and creator of Crucibullshit Katy Wiggins, will embody the Puritan townspeople of Smudgely. They’re backwards, they’re confused and they’re convinced WITCHCRAFT is afoot!

Three girls are wreaking havoc on Smudgley, accusing locals of witchcraft. A witch expert has been called in from out of town to guide them through the process of a witch trial.

The finger pointing is flying and the rumor mill is running wild with hilarious results! Who will be put on trial? Who will confess? Will anyone in Smudgley be left to accuse once the trial is over?

Directed by
Katy Wiggins

Assistant Directed by
Kaci Beeler

Ian Gallagher

Steven Rutkowski

Rachel Austin, Kaci Beeler, Nick Desai, Rebecca East, Sophie Hard, Coleman Hodges, Courtney Hopkin, Nick Desai, J.R. Zambrano, Coleman Hodges, Ace Manning, Norman Scott, Marissa Stubbe, Katy Wiggins