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Ever wish you could go back to those cringe-worthy, hilarious middle school years? No? Okay, wait wait a second, what if you got to relive those years in hindsight, watching other people use your embarrassing story to create a hilarious, heartwarming, like maybe even…healing, narrative right before your eyes?

BOO85 can bring that cathartic experience to you – without the braces or training bra. BOO85 is an improv comedy show entirely inspired by your real life middle school experiences!

We’ll ask the audience about their best, worst and cringiest middle school memories at the top of the show. First crushes, friend drama, puberty perils – no embarrassing story is off limits!

Two stories will be chosen to inspire the narrative, performed in the classic Harold format. Other memories brought up by the audience may provide inspiration for hilarious asides and subplots!

As the improvisers breathe new life into old memories, you’ll find yourself transported back to your middle school years. You’ll cringe at the awkwardness, belly laugh at the absurdity, and maybe even get a little misty-eyed at the heartwarming moments.

“I ran out of PEN15 episodes and thought, there must be an endless supply of funny middle school memories to mine for comedy gold,” says BOO85 co-director Whitney Benson. “BOO85 lets us all relive those awkward years through an entertaining, validating lens.”

Benson adds, “It’s been so cathartic to laugh at those memories we’ve suppressed for years. I can’t wait for audiences to have those ‘oh no they didn’t!’ and ‘omg I went through that too!’ moments.”

Don’t miss your chance to look back on middle school and laugh until you cry tears of pure, nostalgic joy. Let BOO85 heal your inner awkward middle-schooler!

BOO85 plays Saturdays June 8 – 29 at 7:30pm and Saturday July 6 at 9pm, 2024

Directed by
Whitney Benson
Adrian Prado
Stage Manager: Trista Ross
Sound: Mac McDearmont
Lights: Kevin Keenmon
Ali Balfantz, Jeffrey Chatman, Mark Gerchak, Christina Ibarra, Sarah Ly, Mickey May, Doy Roberts, Grace Sarosdy, Josh Varelas