What the F@#$

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What the F@#$

Improvised theatre unfolds stories and characters before our very eyes. It’s spontaneous, fun and unexpected to both the audience and the performers. No one truly knows what’s going to happen next.

But What the F@#$ takes the spontaneity of improvised theatre one step further. Audiences will provide our initial starting suggestion, but then, at intermission, they will provide an extra twist that complete f@!#$ everything up! A couple falls in love? What if an asteroid hits? A high-school is putting on a school dance? What if aliens invade? A young woman buys a new cactus for her new apartment? What if it begins talk? It will be up to the talented What the F@#$ cast to make sense of it all.

This is the Hideout Theatre’s first of a continuous series of adult Student Mainstage shows. The cast was handpicked from the Hideout’s rising adult stars.

UPDATE: Due to the initial run entirely selling out, an additional show has been added Saturday, March 1st!

What the F@#$ runs every Saturday at 6pm in February of 2014

Ensemble cast: Adrienne Brown, Chris Albano, David Schwartz, Emma Czarnecki, Judith Schomp, Lindsay Hejl, Manuel Duran, Melissa Patterson, Michael Bowman

Assistant Director: Caeriel Crestin. Director: Ruby Willmann

Technical Improvisers: Adrian Jones, Andrew Schwartz

Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler