The Selena Sing-A-Long Show

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The Selena Sing-A-Long Show

The Selena Sing-A-Long Show

An Improvised Jukebox Musical Inspired by the Queen of Tejano

The Selena Sing-A-Long Show

An Improvised Jukebox Musical Inspired by the Queen of Tejano

“Okay, hear me out. What if we did an improv show, but it was a sing along, too?
You know how they do those ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ sing-a-longs?
Kind of like those jukebox musicals like ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Movin Out’ where you take an artist/band and do a show inspired by their songs?
But it’s inspired by Selena? The Queen of Tejano?

That’s the pitch we got from The Selena Sing-A-Long Show director Jess von Schramm and we were all like…um this is the BEST idea.

The Selena Sing-A-Long Show is a show about a young girl with a big dream! As we follow her from teen years into adulthood, as we watch her triumphs and learn about her dreams, we’ll all feel that moment and we’ll all know…it’s time to play a Selena song.
And we’ll have monitors displaying the lyrics so everyone can sing at the top of their lungs!
Cast, audience, everyone!
And since everyone is singing, it’s not important if you can sing well.
Just like in karaoke!
It’s basically combining two beautiful things: karaoke and improv!
Although some of the Selena songs we sing will be in Spanish, the show itself will be in English (with maybe *some* Spanish phrases splashed throughout if we are inspired), speaking or understanding Spanish is NOT a requirement to enjoy this show!

We can’t wait to Baila Esta Cumbia! 

The Selena Sing-A-Long Show runs Saturdays at 7pm, May 6 – June 3, 2023

Directed by
Jess von Schramm

Technical Director
Steven Rutkowski

Kirsty Brewster, Eric Rodriguez, Antonio Zárate

Juan Castañeda, Rachel Frey, Christina Ibarra, Brandon Martin, Katty Nunez, Thelma Rosana, Natalia Rubio, Aaron Salinas, Cristy Salinas Lynch, Luis Salinas and Jess von Schramm