The Quest

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The Quest

An Adventure of Comedic Proportions

An Adventure of Comedic Proportions

It’s game night!
Grab your Mountain Dew, Cheetos and 20-sided dice, it’s time for The Quest, The Hideout’s first run of improv shows in 18 months!

The Quest is a table top adventure come to life! We’ll explore the lives of the players who gather together for a role-playing game and the lives of the characters within the role-playing game, alternating back and forth between fantasy and reality!

The Quest is an improv show! We use the audience’s suggestions to guide the show and everything you see on stage, every roll of the dice, every dragon’s breath is completely improvised on the spot.

Feel the heat of the breath of dragons, smell the pizza rolls in the oven, hear the clanking of armor, taste the energy drinks of victory. Come with us and you might complete…THE QUEST!

Adrian Gonzalez and Scarlett Moon Bell

Braden Baumbach
Nick Desai
Stage Manager:
Ira Freilich
Brad Jewell, Jennifer Banister, Mollie Kirby, Siddharth Desai, Spencer Bloom, Whitney Benson