The Free Fringe

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There are no The Free Fringe performances scheduled at the moment.

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The Free Fringe

A rollicking rollercoaster of an improv show where anything can happen!

THURSDAYS at 9:30 Central

A rollicking rollercoaster of an improv show where anything can happen!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Austin improv scene is bursting with creativity.

There are hundreds of performers, and every single one of them is prone to saying things like “Wouldn’t it be crazy if…?” or “I just had the most insane idea.”

This is where those dreams go, not to die, but to live gloriously on the stage for one night only.

Every week will be dramatically different.

There could be shows with interesting genres or themes, actors trying on new characters or performers who have never ever played together before who just wanna jump in and see what happens! But there could also be improvisers tied up in rope, 50 performers onstage, blindfolded actors, improvising dogs, or 1000 other things. Big! Little! Crazy! New! Boring! Stupid! Weird! Fun! Gross! And you get what you pay for…


Thursday July 29th

Brainzzz….Our beloved student mainstage comes back to explore what happened AFTER the zombie apocalypse was over.

Gnome Noir – Fabarjet brings back their awesome format – Gnome Noir – Traveling on a vehicle of the audience’s choice a murder takes place (gasp.) Then it’s up to the intrepid detective to uncover the true criminal.



Runtime: Approximately 1 hour.

How Virtual Shows Work

1. Buy a ticket to the show, just like you normally would.

2. Tune in to The Hideout's Live Stream a few minutes before the show starts.

3. Optionally, create a (free!)Twitch account if you would like to offer suggestions through the chat during the show.

4. After the show, share and let everyone you know about how much fun you had. We survive on word of mouth, now more than ever!

In the event of technical difficulties, we all always update the link in step 2 to point to the current Live Stream.