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Sound Worlds

Experiments in shaping scenes and stories through music

Experiments in shaping scenes and stories through music

What if characters could interact with the sounds of their environment, created by live musicians? Use them to influence their decisions and emotions, or even to create creatures to share dialogue with?

You’re gonna want to grab some headphones for this one.

Tune in to watch a new set of players each week as they use their unique powers to shape narratives and tell stories, all while making fantastic music!

These shows are collaborative experiments between actors and musicians from around the world. Combinations of players who love performing together already or who have never met before this and just want to discover the possibilities!

Each show is a standalone opportunity for the players to explore different ideas, with help from your suggestions in the Twitch chat!


Co-Directors + A/V Techs: Kenzie Slottow & Ali Pappa

Balasree Viswanathan – Bangalore

Jeremy Moran – Austin

Margaret Hunsicker – Chicago

Bryson Kemp (keyboard) – Maryland

Henna Chou (cello) – Austin

Kenzie Slottow (flute) – Los Angeles

Franky Agueci – Ottawa

Joshua Mayo – Ottawa

Marcos Sandoval – Austin

Stephanie Rae – Miami

Charlotte Brown – Orlando

Ali Pappa (percussion) – Austin

Nick Montopoli (violin/banjo) – Austin

Balasree Viswanathan – Bangalore

Laxmi Priya – Bangalore

Kenzie Slottow (flute) – Los Angeles

Ali Pappa (percussion) – Austin

Shannon Dale Stott – Austin

Danielle DaVerona – Austin

Kenzie Slottow (flute) – Los Angeles

Ciyadh Wells (guitar) – Austin

How Virtual Shows Work

1. Buy a ticket to the show, just like you normally would.

2. Tune in to The Hideout's Live Stream a few minutes before the show starts.

3. Optionally, create a (free!)Twitch account if you would like to offer suggestions through the chat during the show.

4. After the show, share and let everyone you know about how much fun you had. We survive on word of mouth, now more than ever!

In the event of technical difficulties, we all always update the link in step 2 to point to the current Live Stream.